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I can help you with bread, peanut butter, a cannister of oatmeal, some canned vegetables.Also, thank you so much for this video!You'll pull the slip knot tight while you're pulling it back and forth getting it into position.Anyone know what TOT does for a living?SALARY SLIP NA MANGA JAYE.This guys have big balls.

Start by using the word

Start by using the word

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I guessed Frank Stallone.

I guessed Frank Stallone.

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I'm only with credit unions now.

I'm only with credit unions now.

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42:43 all those donut marks lol

Hari gaming pro 2



I think this should be mandatory watching for everyone who gets an enlistment bonus from the military. Too often you see enlistees spending their bonus on an expensive car.

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Say for example I have 700 or 730 how can I build my credit score to a 800 ??


Aapka fan ho Gaya sir

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this isnt the 1960'sthis is the internet age with the internet you can find exactly what vehicle you wantoh and one tipif you can wait 2 or 3 yrs for that perticaular model,you'llsave 20 to 30 thousands dollars maybe more, hey just sayingi bet he left this tip out.lol.

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shipping containers are hotter during summer?

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Sahi bole sir

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that suit and hockey mask was pure coincidence

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better buy a second hand car. once na nilabas na sa dealer yang brand new car mo depriciate na ng 11% yan. basta marunong ka tumingin ng 2nd hand car okay na yun. maganda lang sa mata at tenga kase bago, at the end of the day performance and realiability ang importante, as long as nakakapunta ka sa destinasyon mo ng comfortable at safe