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Deisel nahi leni running jyada

Deisel nahi leni running jyada

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So pls suggest me for best option.

So pls suggest me for best option.

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andrew newman

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Luis demetrio Velasquez valdivieso

11 authenticated


He’s a bitch he can hand it out but not take it

Tracey Shaw

I used to shoot IPSC in Germany, but haven't spent much time at a range for several years. I know I'm out of practice. Your video makes all kinds of sense! Sorry to learn you are located in CA. If it were any place else I'd be booking a course and spending some flight points to get there. I just can't bring my self to go to CA.


I fully support the law when it’s for people driving on the open road. But when you’re in stationary traffic with the hand brake on I really don’t see the problem...


I have an older roof. If a tree falls on it the insurance would not give me enough money to buy a brand new roof, the figures are pro rated. It is written in my policy. SoI believe Dave is wrong on that, but the rest is good advice.

Yarelis Granados

Like si tener esto



Reminds me of the Matra Murena. 3 seats, mid-engined and boot release exactly like the L release.However the Murena was never allowed the V6 3 litre engine it was designed around and got a 2.2 Litre 4 pot, a van engine. But still a looker with great handling but not very swift.

Roza Jannat

YouScaring me another video you just made five videos

Doppler Overrun

"Corn pop was a bad dude" lmao.. That's the most coherent sentence I've heard from sleepy Joe

Nathaniel A.

Absolutely fantastic! Way beyond my ability with restricted space in my shop. I'll purchase a commercial one.

1115. . . . . ..

Tahir Iqbal

What a great drama serial, I watched it during mychildhood. What a great cast and memorable characters, hats off.


Thank you for this thought provoking content.. I have only just found your channel so you may have covered this in the past, but can I ask: when you say you are currently living off post tax savings, is that passive income from investments or actual cash?

Now Or Never

This has seriously been the best video on youtube for options. Thank you so much!!

alan turner

In any circumstance everyone should remember that there is no such thing as 'right of way'There are instances where certain vehicles 'take precedence' (the nearest thing to it).With sixty four fully licensed driving under my belt I see the standard of driving inexorably sliding down a slippery slope.There are too may people more anxious to be behind the steering wheel than those who want to learn the Highway Code.At my age I still have a full command of the Highway Codeand its changes.When I learned to drive you had to know the signals given by people on horse and cart.No doubt the reaction will be that I am just a silly old bugger but when you are my age it will be a different story.

SangeethaReddy2005 Konakuntalu

Where to pay amount

Robert's Video Madness

That was one of the first video I saw of yours.

Michael Jay - Value Investing

As soon as he said California, I already knew where this was going...