WOMAN and TIME: Princess Stephanie of Monaco

You're going to have to pay off the mortgage in its entirety regardless.It took me 1 hour 35 minutes to notice that there is a loop.Why don’t you film the engine start of the cars?Accha information hai Bhai.I seem to get more out of your videos by watching and listening vs just listening!BHI jan Barvo untid ma auto ha ya nhi.What happened to this mad Beetle.

That laugh as lee is reading them out makes me crack up every time.He knows nothing of people.Big FU to Ramsey on item 2.I pray God give you the courage and strength to address this.Bhai Ganga Bala add Ka Kuch Kar.The husband drives a 19- year old chevy cavalier he bought on Craig"s List.

Every thing was worth for me thankyou sir.We've seen Journalists and politicians lose their minds over the last 20 years or so.For the life of me I don't understand the attraction of buying an expensive car.I listened to the whole thing.Lol cobras will never sell for kbb.May ke baad june aata h july nahi aata sir.Killed the unstable freak, Trevor.Contact for any inquiry regarding of lic policys Name :- Ashu yadavMob no :- 9315814055Gmail :- ashuyadav4055gmail.

)Pay attention to the road markings too.

)Pay attention to the road markings too.

12:24 Grand father of thanos.A big thumbs up and i just hit the bell icon, coz I Don't wana miss any video.(Trust me, coming from a longtime background in the medical field and before starting my career, I learned JUST how amazing it felt to be a total NERD in Surgical skill, or Pharmacology, Chemistry, etc.Calm your horses and emphasize more on the details andexplain better.Life insurance has evolved over the years that now you do not have to DIE to be able to touch your money, live a wonderious life before you DIE.I can't stop laughing from this.

Dave how much Taco Bell do you think I eat in a month?Seperation at 3:36.Is it easy to get a job on PR Visa as compare to applying for Job after studying in Canada?Bhai jo mail pe insuranceaaega vahi vaild hoga kya.Think I've done pretty well?I bet you that this game will be at least 15 seconds of track times.First car was a 2014 Ford Fiesta zetec.

Home loan insurance cover milega?

Home loan insurance cover milega?

After all a brilliant Asian guy, shed some light on this issue.So basically GTA on pc has more problems than console?For Sanders at least - the last election cycle in which he could conciously participate and it just slipped through his fingers.Why did they blur jakes face.Where is this guy from share his info?You went very, very fast.They gave all my moms money to my sister leaving me and my dad with nothing.Fast forward 10 years my health is much improved and I actually feel like riding a little bit.

Sir tell me

Sir tell me

This is misleading.Are they trying to shut down discussion on the topics raised in this video?350 swap and get the setup back to dirt oval.Excellentway of explaining and perfect timing and concept.Very good explanation.

Lily Small

The paperclip challenge? Is this where that came from?

rajeev singh

Please suggest after market car parking camera of good

arpit kumar

Thanks Sir


wow, that's really informative, thank you very much for this.

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gostei muito estou apreendendo


What do you think about the Uber visa card?

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Hamari Sanskriti Kal Bhi Mahan the aur Aaj Bhi Mahan Hai Aur Kal Bhi Mahan Rahegi

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make it nice but still a car yall can trash but just make it all easier to fix


He really just intro baited is like that

Everything Life

The dislikes are from the failed mechanic, and his relatives...

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Kaha hai disc kaunt

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Dave you still need interest to buy a home no one can just buy a house with their income without a LOAN.


u arent a car guy... just a yt sucker

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Does your camera man have an aversion to panning down with the camera or walking in and filming the whole inside of the head whenever you open a head door to feature the inside of it or other times not even the toilet! All your videos you never get to see the inside of the head or other times below your waist.Very annoying.

Stephen Kapowski

Some of the richest people I know drive some of the biggest POSs' including myself and of course some of the brokest people I know drive some of the nicest cars I've seen, let that sink in.