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I still call bs that the automatic driving on city streets would come by the end of the year, since it was supposed to come out in the end of 2019 (and it didn’t)

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Looks overweight and marshmallow like.

petr vladimirski

Two hours of berkshire get away whose casino did we rob

Playstation Xport

LykanHypersport, and LykanForever!

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Nahi sir third party ka nahi mai total hai 1 year ka lu to mil sak ta ya nahi

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I have Ford Explorer. It's truck based SUV. But I'm really crazy about cars and my favorite vehicle is Lexus LX570 sports version.I'm also searching Ford mustang

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Napaka one sided naman. Why not get the side of the dealers?


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What would you guys recommend? Im looking to buy or lease a new car. I currently have a 14’ Chevy Malibu I NEED TO GET RID OF bc its trash. Recent college graduate. Got my first position in Financial Career. Expected to make decent money starting immediately. What should I do? I drive ALOT. but im tired of dealing with stupid repair bills. Would love to buy a Lexus one day but I am willing to wait on buying a luxury until I have a decent savings built up. Should I lease or buy a reliable fuel efficient car like a Toyota today?

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8:17 I bet he has not said that may times before :)


The best part about you recording this lesson is the ability for those sales reps to go back and watch it again until they become HondaPro’s


disliked and stopped watching for bad lighting

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This does not effect me. My brother and I drank a ton of pop and coffee and donuts and left without buying anything,lol.

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My last bill amount 9300, payment due date 2/12/19, minimum payment due is 0, and unbilled amount 3500....what it means...? Pls explain.. And what is the amount should i pay..?

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(dont do it Doug! we wont be able to pry you out of that "back seat")

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yadi hum engine protection lete hai to hame kya kya benefit milegi kyoki maine cervice centre me bat ki to mujhe bataya gya ki engine pani me chala gaya ya accidental damage ho jay to milega lakin meri car ka engine heat kar raha hai aur band hone ka dar bana hua hai to kya yanha engine protection kam nahi karega

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oh, so this is where colinfurze got his idea from