Why I plan to buy $100,000 of Carnival Cruise Stock

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First guy should have

First guy should have

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Swastika tiffin service,Jaipur requires enthusiastic youngsters.

Swastika tiffin service,Jaipur requires enthusiastic youngsters.

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There are so many good

There are so many good

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Even a freaking Hyundai has reclining seats!Ugar pheli bar loan Leni ho to.Government should mention now what benefits will citizens get in India?Nice video, sorry the ending of gta San Adreas the death of Big Smoke.Do you still make the $1200 payment as well on the house thank you for the info.People who can actually get a good living wage in a small town away from a metropolis are the ones you want to buy a car from.But i gotta know whats your motivation.Or sometimes embaracing.This is the opposite of the dealers here in USA.

20 years old, drive 2008 3 door astra, 1250 a year for insurance...

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Mr. Neill needs to control his neurotic habit of rubbing his nose! Very annoying.

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Can you please show how you calculated "Months" from A9 down? Example 5 years has 60 rows, and 4 years has 48 rows?

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Fam why do all ur characters have cancer

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As with all the other comments, 5.8k subs (as I watch, plus me now) doesn't do this justice. I bought a car in February and my shopping list was literally this exact list plus 3 other cars, 2 of which could have been on this list. Those are the E55 and M135i/235i which are like a cheap E63 or M4. In the end I bought the one that doesn't really have a comparable expensive version, a Lexus GS450h (2013 model). I figured that 42-45mpg and 0 repairs made the running costs bearable. Also considering the 5.9 0-60 which is timed with no battery power (EU regs plus Japanese conservatism), add in the 200bhp electric motor and it's like being kicked in the head by an angry (but really soft and comfortable) bull. If you're ever in the west country and wanted to do a review...

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nice!!!,Pete 222 is a vary good teacher!


I'm only halfway through and my ribs hurt

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Sir me fire briged me job kar raha hun (gvt employ) meratotal salary 30thousand lekin me lic or sbi policy or epf ye sab dedaction hoke mujhe avi 17 thousand salary mil raha hai mujhe kitna loan milega ?

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Ye sab real nahi he

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Its ugly