But thoughtguilty party would have to pay, was not my fault.Unlike that stupid Elon Musk and company who don't know what they're doing.2 8v 55bhp hatchback- looks like its baked beans on toast for the next 5 years.Good Good but isse bhi aur behtar video bana sakte the calculation ke saath.You chaps are fine, but your pup takes the cake.We show the contract.Mahindra Scorpio 2013 up24.I said no thank you and went on my way.

Perhaps you might advertise it more!You may hate Trump but he darnly and frankly speak the TRUTH.Bro,addinol 10w50bullet 350,2016 model nu ok aano, detail onnu parayamo?Again, thank you!Which is more suited to FRM study?Please let me know what mistake I am making.Good job brother.I've been in that shit hole in my early 30s.

Adding,1234567890% Atis.I beat a wooden piece held with tightbond with a sledge hammer, the grain torn out the glue never broke.When the inevitable dealer bankruptcies start the hemorrhage of the OEM will deliver a death blow as they bleed out.Would you mind telling us which part of the UK you live in?Gold Camo with different shades of gold?Should u round off?Hospitality industry ne pati paranjapo, volpe India vannapocheck in cheyyan 1 hr aware wait chayyipichate orthu poyi.The man's passionate and I find that more important than how he "comes across".He should live till second generation as long as he's teaching us how to get more money.I have successfully done all the procedures but i don't get in to my account as shown in your video(time 4.

Sometimes the 10

Sometimes the 10

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Bich ma paisha nikalna pa kitna byaz lagta hi mam.So, to make a living the mechanics have to become scumbags and write up repair bogus reports on what needs to be done.It’s the Whole Nations ignorance, the actual Problem.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!Can you imagining everyone driving Camry on the road?Make a video on FD vs mutual fund.Veryverycool thx Jason!Your camera seems a touch shaky.It easy to speak while it plays and makes my customers comfortable.What happen to red.

’69 was also the only year that C3

’69 was also the only year that C3

I was in the same boat.You are amazing.I hate, hate, HATE when people stop in a live lane for a fender bender.This guy has definitely paid his dues.  The folks running the show were a little salty when I made good on my "no" at the end (and yes, I kept every response to that one word), but they delivered on the tickets.Nothing against Lambos, but going into debt to gain perceived respect, will always backfire.

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The first part is great but then you go and hog rental properties. This is just being a scumbag. For at least the first 2 years you are charging rent on a property that you don't yet own. The renter therefore is paying a higher rate than if you were not the intermediary. This raises prices because enough people doing it and you can't find any more properties without layers upon layers of people doing the same thing: charging rent on something they are renting from someone else.

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Manoj Ji kundan


You’re very inspiring. I’ve been watching your channel the past month or so and I have been making good strides in increasing my credit score to reach my first goal of financing a vehicle. I’m sitting at a 640 score (was 590)and making $3200 a month. You’ve given me so much knowledge and power to improve myself

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If I had the money, Id buy an original Bugatti, not this modem kitschposer


Did not work for me!Changed it, but nothing happened!

Phil Hudson

This video saved me $16k and a huge mistake. I got a quality used car 5 years older than the brand new 2019 and the only difference: No cooled seats. The used one also has AWD. Man... Thank you Dave Ramsey.

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have 2013 avenger 6k miles 22k car , paying 300 monthly , refinanced , now paying 160$ 5k left with 30k miles :)

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You missed a cat

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no sound in video?

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What car class is that


could use some fast motion and cut toos in some places. really didn't need to watch you make 16 holes..jesus christ ... i had to check out .. too bad.painfully long

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