Why Focus ST over Fiesta ST

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Maybe if she were

Maybe if she were

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Aww little Morris in the background

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57:32 nice little easter egg ) hehe

Shane Hugaboom

I got my car serviced at a local shop and I think when you say "I want X, Y, and Z done on my car" but they say "We will do X and Y, but literally got to Walmart and get Z because you can do it yourself and it is insanely cheaper than what we will do for you" I think that is when you found people that won't bone you.

Anja Wilhelmi

Wow!!!! I justed loved this one so much! And I came across this video while planning my little wooden cabin for the road

Judge Lucas

I'm still here

Birdword Politics

Bernie didnt inspire the youth vote last night Krystal. Black viters showed up. What happened to that young revolution

Santhosh Kumar

Hi first of all I say one thing you look too pretty.

Scott Peterson

If this only took a day to do, did he get a hair cut and a shave on lunch break ?

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sundheep kumar

Get up to 75% discount on Car Insurance premium.

Clear Corp

I paid 3000 insurance on a 55 plate Astra when I was 18. It was only a 1.6 L and with a black-box. Fast forward 3 years and with 3 yrs NCB i'm still being quoted 2.5k. It is a ridiculous amount of money to be paying when I look back at it. I never found these price comparison websites to be helpful if i'm honest, the broker I am with now does my insurance for 800 a year tops. Just wish I could get the money back that I paid for insurance to spend on a car!

bluewave 2018/2020


Ante Perkovi

Man, I would like to have a CNC machine to build this...:)

Ibad Baig

How does insurance companies know who is at fault when two vehicles are involved in accident?

Sreeraj Raveendran

Formula one cars and racing tracks are designed with maximum safety and strict complains with safety standards it evolves continuously for improvement in every season..You can't compare Indian roads with F1 racing tracks..How can you compare Range Rover built quality with a 6 lakhs rupees cars ?..If a car fails in pre-planned crash tests how it can survive with real life accidents ??...Why other manufacturers not adopting this light weight platform technology for better mileage by compromising safety ??..Roads are made for vehicles not for pedestrians..It is nonsense to say that cars are made for protecting a pedestrian too...If the driver get crushed with the impact what is the benefit of airbags and other safety features...The people of India is getting more safety concious day by day most of them prefer safety rather than mileage..

Joe Pavlosky

Where is your shop, excellent work my friend?

Mr Glock23

In 2010 I bought a 10 acre farm house with a pond for 98k I put 7 grand down and paid it off 2 weeks ago. I also put a 1300 square foot addition and a 3 stall garage all PAID in FULL. Put your head down and work,and go home when u are off work and save. Now I can afford to go out .

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petr vladimirski

We did all spring but in summer there was garbage strike

Jenn Hawkins

The Democrats actually believe Americans are so stupid they believe headlines only. The sad part is there’s enough idiots to reinforce this idea. But I believe in November they will find out Americans aren’t as dumb as they thought

Fresh Urb

the fact that you were embarrassed to drive a car to church speaks volumes about your church!


My company just raised its 401k matching to 6%, so I better put the 6% in. Thanks for info

Jocelyn Marie

This was so helpful! Toyota has a MSRP for 24,000 and the same car at the dealers MSRP is above that! I showed them the websiteand they said they don't go by that. Is that true? It doesn't make sense for the cAr to be more than the website

Ravikumar M S

Sir I'm planning to buy Hyundai Creta E plus.. suggest me the insurance which will be having good add ons and also offered at good rate.Thank you sir

Tyree Mcgrone

They missed the jaguars


sorry i find it hard to believe the radiator came with the leak... the way you go around with handling and storing your equipment and tools is just so bad and trashworthy i find it more likely you broke it yourself by mishandling!