It is indeed your fault.I turned off auto save and made a seperate save so when i wanna mess wit my cars in story mode i can then if i lose them i just reload that account.Jhola Uthao Or Sanyasi Banjao Fir Sara Jag Tumhara Hai.Isn't that why we pay for insurance?- fdudyrt6 gduyyiutt.

You need to update the paint

You need to update the paint

Most of those loans are on oldused cars that are needed, not desired.Thanks for your opinion sir ji.Plz suggest Near 6 lac onroad price value for money petrol car with safety, good features, low maintenance and good mileage.Can you please explain?Fast parti ya 3 parti ka matlab kya hai.

All UK designed and

All UK designed and

There's nothing wrong with used parts.All these fees and interest.She needs to get a J-O-B and start using public transportation.This will help people like me to plan our funds well.2:46 what song is that it sounds like minecraft alpha.Kitna kharcha huya Bhai mere ko bathyo.Or will it continue from 7 years.

I know very little of vehicles

I know very little of vehicles

Are you all working in wind tunnels or something?So basicly you revved the vr6 engine 8 times every test?Its gay, just like every fucking ev car on the market except lexus.Nice explanation.It's ashame an expensive care like that use plastic parts in all the wrong places.Please sir ye bataye na insurance ke profit kya kya hai, insurance kew important hai.

I love math, hate cooking though.They are sure it will be OK may I need to pay 3500 what he demanding.I know its overrated but it such a beautiful car.I didn't do anything and never used it.Who else saw the video before this one LOL.

Just get the car

Just get the car

Mai bhi mera scooty ka Insurance ishtarah kar Sakta hu kya?Wouldn't each year after that the first year the value be $705?Not all insurers take any notice of IAM membership however.In Canada they are 10 feet deep and more.Advert for Phillips.But i can crush 3to4 cars in one time.Did someone day yoga (Fortnite) no i think she said (Sims 4).How do you make your game look like that.

Tails The Fox Animations

Nice Drawing Paper

Lloyd Cisco

Good job


This is madness. You sir are an artist. Without any sexual implication I want to say I LOVE YOU!

Hayden Allen

I'm australian and my name is hayden

Robert Carron

while i like the video, i feel that even though you were setup for failure, and it looks janky AF....nope, nope, nope It didnt even post

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Ya log apne PSS pasy rakhy harami bakwas log loan lakar kuch b kary pasy say MATLAB huna chahiya bakwas Ghr banai ya commercial banay

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Last video game: The Evil Within

Eric Friedland

fun fact,electric cars don't need oil changes

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Not show my PDF file please help

Rayan Lee

I am from Bangalore.. very nice video


I think that people don't know the value of money. Why on earth would I be interested in paying off a mortgage on an interest rate from 3 to 6%annual interest? Why???? That'sthe cheaper money on earth!!! In other countries people are paying mortgages double or triple of that!! People .... learn how to invest!!! invest your money and make yourself 15 to 20% a year!! You can pay your mortgage and then have some extra money. Be an entrepreneur! Pay your credit cards first! Get your money working for you, find a way!!

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