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What's in the cresta?

What's in the cresta?

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Post office RD ka Online deposit ka option ha kiya ha ta thada uska bari pe video banayei plz

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She can't put her parents and siblings before her husband. How come he did not see this coming?

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This video is ancient history now

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Hi,can I change my nominee in the middle of the policy?? Pls reply

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There's the old joke where a guy says 'We'll never be rich because my wife wants people to think we already are'.

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TPMS Warning"we got to just take this on a short spin"

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Arre bhai aapne bola ki Datsun Go 3.75 lac me sabhi jaroori features haiAC and Power Steering nahi hai

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Sir acha samjhaya aapne but bhut kuchh miss kr diya h. Kafi sari mistakes h

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Good English, please carry on. No issue, we are looking for main point we are discussing. That's we'll covered, if you can give guide lines of choosing insurance companies, as everyone claim they are best on claim settlement. Thank you once again all the best.

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Thank you my angel but srsly thanks bro!