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You're buying a car, buy from a dealer whos a car guy, who loves cars big or small dealer, that provides cars to the public as a passion, most car dealers are just like the customers they are serving, all about the greed or bottom dollar.Video on TCO about a car, one of the first words "loan".Buying car accessories.

Invest in things not related to the stocks or financial market, one such exemple would be online business, it is a risky investment, can potentially lose everything but you can also win big.(when parking in very slight downhill) I mean does it increase the load on gearbox?Give it another 1 year or two and he'll be doing this exact same thing again.Lord 144000 awaking to kick some ass.19:45 James face.My brother has a box tht attaches to the exhaust up off of it so when your rdy for lunch it's nice and warmed up for you.It's a tech version of Peter Handke's Publikumsbeschimpfung, where the actor on stage degrades and insults the audience for their bourgeois traits, only here it's Linus Torvalds insulting and degrading everything Debian at a Debconf and not holding back.

In addition to collecting the coupon and interest, the investor has an opportunity to reinvest cash flows.Hey BeatTheBush,I currently have a capital one secured credit card ($300 credit line) and just received an offer from capital one that I am pre-approved for a credit line up to $1500.Plz guys don’t get fooled by a hack.How is this sustainable?Fmlogisticsjapan.I have 2 daughters and in both instances my wife is the one who.This is not a dope Veyron.

Maybe this is true to an extent with dealership salespeople, but I've worked for myself professionally for over 35yrs so like to think i know a thing or two myself.Feel sad that they took you on the plane eventually.Very well done video and information.Your celica with all due respect, will not be as good in a crash as a brand new car.I have tracked expenses at a granular detail from time to time, just with pencil and paper, to be able to figure a retirement budget.

This happened to my mother when my father

This happened to my mother when my father

If american Democrats can't rally behind this man, you're doomed.Zawar sab civic 2005 oriel prismatic k price kia?If I have $1000 in credit card debt and$1200 in cash would it be wiseto pay off the entire credit card?Eganna annu extra EMI adakkan pattunna.This is set up desease from America long time ago it says in the books if people does read anything.I am incredibly grateful for coming across FixMyCreditDoctorOrg.Having a laugh mate.


You should do a challenge to see who can get somewhere the quickest without any navigation

Justice Minney

mine doesn't let me plug in on both sides of the = symbol  what do I do???

Mark Araujo

i rather build it on deep cement high foundation


Since some of the stuff in this video is out of date. Here is a resource that creates a similar project that is up to date:

arup chakraborty

Hi, excellent Video. I am using Visual Studio Professional 2012. Shall I able to build this project using VS 2012? Anyways, I am a newbee in this field.

Shoukat Ali

Jan churao big there SA


Doug i see you still didnt learn how to get into back seats.

Riski Yansah

me save panda


driveclub game link please

Soubhik Rana

Please make a video on best dct cars under 10 lakhs

Ander Garcia

God bless her soul she sounds like she was about to cry any second

sahil zahir

Kyu Mann nhi h Tata ki logo lagane ka

Supreme Gamer

Am I the only one that’s doesn’t like the sound at all