Success Story - Recd 8,000 out of 12,000 for handling charges - I had recently purchase new Car and Agreed with car dealer to pay Rs.You negotiate a payment with the salesman and the finance guy screws you.Would you mind explaining me those discounted price and what they mean.Can you please redo the video?

Compulsory Deduction zyda

Compulsory Deduction zyda

I'm a trader but this is perfect to fall asleep to on the weekend.Socialistic capitalism.What is the method for the calculation?1:01:54 Cop how old is that punk passenger?How do you do these stuff.BUT THEY DIDN'T TAKE.(Hero HF DELUX) 2013.

I just need it to go down, no

I just need it to go down, no

Don't plan to buy one until I make my figure of 50k.Assuming that prepayment amount or so called investment corpus is say 5 lakh invested even at 15%, earning is 75000- so Net Annual Outgo becomes 3.Bet his husband beats him every night.Put angry dad in the movies this man will sell films nice one mitch.Good learning, thank you.

Ecosports titeniumdesiel book kar diya

Ecosports titeniumdesiel book kar diya

That's why you shouldn't have shouted out that guy.Hi sir, nice video.EXCELLENT PRESENTATION.You make it all sound so easy.Sir muje ya puchna that ki zerodhama share buy karta waqt margin pay karna padta ha to wo kya ha.Kya esa bhi hota h.My apartment here in Shanghai is a separated apartment and I'm paying 2300 RMB a month.IS THAT A SUPRA?I had to put a transmission in it.Every time I turned around something was breaking or going out on this vehicle.

This guy is a lot nicer than me.79th Productions did this with $900.The multivalue database concept goes back to the mid-60’s, but it is still hard to beat for efficiency and ease of use.3:21 i think its scary how much AD looks like scomo.A) FAKO score, which is the ability to obtain credit.Saudi Arabia is heavily under the influence of Israel and USA.Unconventional investing.It has absolutely nothing to do with funding government.

When he used to have a droid.Perfect information.A little trivia.For exemple whe begin a function and finish.WE REQUIRE 4WD AND AUTONOMUS EMERGENCY BRAKING IN INDIAN CARS NOW.Allah Ap ko slamt rkhay ameen.Sir, My income is below 6 lack and i had purchased a home of 121.Super plz support me.9 lakh ch chassisengine included aa?

That's a big truck.Hello Alan baker.Total income against the bracket or individual bracket?Probably my fav vid of urs Doug.One automization we don't need lawyers for half the ship they do we can have robots and computers do literally almost everything they do."it's hard to make a quality product when you're hiring Indian and Chinese programmers" WTF!What a trooper, this dad has tremendous luv for his kids, because if he didn't he would have killed them long time ago lol.


Optometrist offices are similar...when I go toget glasses they are always trying to jack the price up with add ons

Thomaz Santana

But... $53 in 5 years won't be worth the same as $53 today.


Agreed deeply. .I am slave now..my home price went down badly that am in debt and can't even go back home.

Vinnyf Cimmino

I have no arrest warrant on me and did nothing felonous in my home and I have no AOT COURT ORDER IN any of my past cases

Queen Tootie

I love you guys accents. I would love to meet you guys

Grace Mooney

Well, I don’t generally end up in tears at the end of Dave’s videos... so there’s that.


bhai finance karwane me kya document lagega

Pilla Mahesh

Mehrban Ali

I'm proud of you...Thanks zawar bhai hamy information deiny ky liye...Allah pak apko or ajar or eizzat dy...


why am i looking this i mean i can barely run the crew 2 with the lowest settings :(

AbdulMueed Qureshi

Suzuki margalla 96 to 97 98 about 4 lac in Good condition. In bumper to bumper condition 4.5 to 4.75 lac.