From VvvvvvindoVs, security?Anyway, love your thoughts before I buy a car.Hi linus, do you mind sending that pc to me?

I'm 27 debt free 35k saved up credit score at 700 and planning on buying a home.Do you think it’d be a good idea to do this with a Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card or would it be bad for my credit score?I just got a 15k vehicle with 4k down no credit score got 24.

101'st screamer.

101'st screamer.

Ye ek number ka gaddar hai.Where is money come from,produce thing to taking money.4:55 what mission is this?Idv kitna hota h.I live in Florida with a 2013 Nissan Leaf.Iss may interest rate kintna hai?Thank you so much Mark.

This has made my Xmas!6:27 Now I see it, It makes perfect sense to me.It is pointless to lingering on one specific answer when I am are supposed to pay attention to the next one.Why don't they mention that some people are so successful and others are not because those others are still learning by failing.Ainters gonna ain’t.

After getting out of

After getting out of

Base all your family's money on one man's assumption?"If you give me any date before the year 2000 I can instantly tell you what day of the week it was.Plz stop talking a whole lot.Sir, very good knowledge, ek video CPF par bhi banaye to accha hoga.Ya tigor second hand xz 2015 tk.Lease German and maybe Nissan to lol.When in the USSR, we did not have equal income!What about all the legislation that we have yielded and agreed to that has "supposedly" made firearms safer?

k Muinde

I feel sorry for the lady and shame on that company which ruined her car and refused to own up to it. She should sue them

Saleam Azaire

3 has got to the dumbest woman on this planet lol


absolute legendyou saved me 1500 on my brand new porsche 718 insurance with elephant by putting my parents on the insurance and by saying its on my drive... 1100 for a 20 year old. thank you bro

Don Brubaker

Welcome to the Age of the New Republican Organized Crime Syndicate

Carlton Dobbs

Dam your Great dude, wish you with me a few times in old cars

Durgesh Thakur

Sir itr or salary slip na ho to kya kre


zawar bhai overcease car as a gft kesa bj sakty hain qatar sa pakistan 40 saal ho gy hn qatar ma as a gft ka tariqa bata dain plz


Damn fine work

gord Xodjeyli


Bat Guano

Wow, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche drivers took the crown away from the notoriously bad BMW drivers?And what's up with Kraut car owners that makes them so impatient and suicidal on the road?

Anil Kumar

Arjun outstanding acting dhanyvad mahabhart me sare log ko

Lokesh Sahu

bahut sundar ...jo aaj mai sonch raha tha..same to same aapne bataa diya..thanx for

Kristen Evans

Congratulations! My husband and I are in Baby Step 4 and paid off $80,000 in consumer debt in 21 months. I just posted a video about our journey this morning on my channel here on YouTube to help encourage others considering following Dave’s plan. It has truly been life changing and I know there are far too many people out there that need help and encouragement. If considering following this plan, do it! It is so worth it!

Azim MD Azim

Bank wale Salon Lenge vo kaise hai percentage e-kalyan scar




Great explanation.

shobhit kumar

U re very talented

Ricardo Laakso

Faisan Islam :" Did somebody say cheap money !!!?? " "Allah is awesome !!! "


One of these diy ers is gonna have the whole saw catch a nail and they're gonna cut theirThumb off trying to hold a guide like that ..

Maxine Stevens


Part's Random

sim needs vr