We're Going to Africa! Surprise Adventure!

25 grand into a miata, and the steering wheel is still on the wrong side.What the riot victims need every now bit of succour for a just and dignified rehabilitation.ISupport you kaniya sir.No capitulation.

Bahi mai nay 5000 dia rishwat aur pass ho giya hahahhaha.A working 8gb stick stop working because i think i touch it and now it is not working.One of your best.

Classic liberal shithole.So, I call the non-emergency line to get someone to help me because I just couldnt think.But if it wasn't fixable then I should be the one to sell it or part it out.Kick AAP people who got the votes from muslim to support this violence.Biden came out of Trump’s impeachment worse than Trump did!The game look fun.I'd say all them codes was due to the battery died once.

Whay do you show this to help get cars stolen?Plan karne ke call me S.AND STILL THE MOST COMMON AMERICAN ENGINE!During the Purificstion period of 3-12 years in Refuge properties being set up.My friend,With a degree in finance from a prestigious midwestern business school, I am rather embarrassed to admit that.Please let me know.I started making scale models after my college and that was my prime business along side Stirling engines and restoration job, I made huge losses and finally joined a bank, but I still take risk every day and keep venturing beyond my desk job.Until that stuck up fat twat Schmeeeee pop on the screen with his Pervy smug smirk.

I was asked 95% of these questions in

I was asked 95% of these questions in

I can't participate in stupid.Ab kiya hum be 18 marla ka ghar hhor ker 3 marla ka layn to hum ko be faida ho, udhaar lay lay ker mar gayn hain.Answer me please.I think it's fine to drive a beat up car, even if you have a ton of money.Gta 4 more realistic.Way to Go Gerald!They are asking to pay extra 15000 for closing charges.The value of the "Prostitute Lambo" has just Jumped up in Value!

somas wodi

awesome....great content.....great subject matter discussion.....next time please discuss vessel safety .....including personal protection...fire protection ...theft prevention....first aid...and also food safety.......you are doing a great job Ryan......well done.....peace be still ..now for then.

Fida Husain


jbyrd 420 Michigan

Rusty duster


About duggan shipments:If you're lookig to complete it with an oppressor, you also need to install missiles on the thing. Since the opperessor missile requirements missiles cost to much for me, I just conplete the mission with a buzzard. (Can get one for 25000 in your CEO menu and it will spawn right next to you instantly) you also don't need to destroy all the shipments. The most important part is that you take out enough to get rid of security's head protection.

ina people

Are we going to ignore the fact that there's 2 tank on the background at 0:51 ?

David Mall's Garage

That’s a girls car.


Call it your DustPan


Here is the opposite of the hate comment you expected. I subscribed exactly because of content like this. After all, what are cars made for if not traveling?

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What an amazing channel this has turned out to be.Can't get enough of this in depth knowledge.



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Yes, they would. That's why the UNELECTED delegates system was created in the mid-1970s for the single purpose of preventing a progressive from being nominated.

fernando fischer

Another video with no audio F...ck

Laurin Hill

why where he using a titan rtx??? with an 5700XT he would maybe even get better performance because of Apple s terrible optimisation

Joe La Bianco

I wish I had a teacher like him Joe Navy veteran

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Varun Suyal

Ye rider narmal and accidental dono me kam krta h..?

Mahe Nz

Peace of crap.. guess what $700,000 to buy those... no way.. these houses are every where even in toronto.. lot of people don’t know here in canada, what sort of life style they are in.. its good thing one way but people who know they cannot stand canada, too expensive and bad lifestyle..you not getting what you paying..

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So you’ve Beat The Game...GTA V 1.play GTA Online

Bob Taylor

Voice Over on the video is by Bob TaylorVoiceoverroadrunner.comwww.BobTaylorProductions.comwww.BobTaylorProductions.com/elearning

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That yellow and black armor made him look so coolthe mask made him look like Ironman

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20-8x21=5 atau 25