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Only 4 people in the race and hes braggin about warren comin in 2nd or 3rd, GTFO with ur insight.Sir njan 12 gadu adachu.Thanks to Farm Bureau for no help at all andnow I am having a hard time finding a company to insure me because I filed a claim last year.

You may want to shop around a little more if the lowest rate you could find was 11%.Good video man keep it up.I have United Bravo.How did you figure out the monthly mortgage payments?My grandpa found her for me and we bought it from his neighbor.11:22thank you for not hitting that cat.Why are you so breathless at your age?

Maybe i'll just end up on the street with a broken ankle.In 9:32 secret text appears.Your best episode by far homie.Is it worth getting a car in cash?Just wasted 800k.

No of timesclaim

No of timesclaim

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I've concluded rich

I've concluded rich

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Yeh Loharoon ka

Yeh Loharoon ka

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I'm selling it to

I'm selling it to

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Great video guys ! One question, I want to buy a used 2017 car and the asking price is $16,500, you think they will accept a walk out the door CHECK of $15,000 from CU ? I know I’ll will get approved from CU for that amount because I’ve built up a relationship with them for 3 years now Thx!


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Jeremy’s portfolio has been hurting lately. The stocks he recently bought become cheaper and cheaper. But only time will tell if he is right (especially CCL).

Johnny Trash

Do you hear somebody Knocking? It's Chopin's Nocturnes, turn, see him Noc..

Dean Sapp

These cars brake checking 80k lbs of 18 wheelers have a death wish

Ron Garvin

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Albert Castro

After the 18 month do you get your money back like discover credit card ?

Kiel Li Mikal

I have a secured credit card as of now and will be getting an unsecured credit card in the future and use it wisely like I've been doing with the card I have now..

Trillock 1945

"Bugatti Veyron, they will never make it."Fast forward a few years, and Jeremy drives one across France, in one of their races .......:)

Megan Eloise

4.20 what a surprise

Michael Reisslein

You is nice

Manish Arora

Ohh ye Banda .... Aaahhoooo car expert iski to pori family he car expert hain .... Iske dono bete ...... Sorry Asset yogi channel we don't like this video

Sri Prakash Vishwakarma

Mere paas 2013 maruti suzuki estilo hai a kab tak ke liye valid hogi plz reply

Gayadhar Mohanty

1000 ka 5year

Nobby Barnes

German junk.

Abdulrehman Shahzad

do drive while review , also do 0-100 on every car , watch pakwheel review , and plz do vitz 2015 review

Chris Gilligan

Fantastic review. Great information good and bad about what the car and driving experience are like with real world perspective.

Mr. 0110

sir my question is different....... can we get paid through giving excel tutorials on channel? Means is there any permission we have to take from excel software owner for the same????