Verb Alert spoof of First Alert Instant Alarm

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Man Robert has nothing to say. Very empty.

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Sir personal loan mein bahut jyada interest leta hai

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My lawyer called these doctors "whore doctors". I wonder how they sleep at night. What a slime ball I was sent to. I didn't have a videogropher present but I did have my husband. He recorded the entire encounter. The slime ball used every trick in the book and even though I'd had major Rotator cuff surgery less that 24 hours before and I was on major pain killers, I still realized I'd walked into a trap. I also realized that a woman in a car I'd seen in a Costco parking lot (I stayed in the car) over 25 miles from the quacks office and realized we'd been followed... I'd spotted her and told my husband we were being followed. Sure enough she set up camp in the waiting room. I told my hubby to not say a word other than to ask how I was feeling. Not another word. Tell your clients to be aware of their surroundings. I was in a business that depended on security and situational awareness and it came in handy.

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beat the bush with that low percentage how may round about points will be added,20 or more or less?

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Is it 2007used ford fiesta ST so expensive in case?

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Damn, I love that video very much!!!!<3<3<3 :)


I'm almost sure that the 'Benz Mercedes' here is what the rotting, rusted heap that was buried in a thicket near our house when I was eleven years old or so must have been when it was new.I remember the chain drive sprocket and the unbelievably huge motor. Once I cut a bunch of stuff out of the way and levered the front open, and lots of parts were missing and there were herds of pack rats in there, but I was amazed at how huge the engine was.I wasn't even really sure it was a car, with that engine.But it seemed too low and the wheels were too small to be a tractor, and the chain drive wasn't a tractor drive train.They cleared that thicket over thirty years ago I have no idea what happened to the car, but I'd bet at least even odds on it having been buried in an embankment to slow erosion - which is what happened to a lot of junk machinery around there.


Meanwhile I'm just sitting here trying to find cheap motherboards on auction sites

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I worked in sales/ finance for 20 yrs in the auto industry........... and your absolutely accurate! Great videos very informative info/ topics. Iv'e been binge watching all your material since i just stumbled upon it!