V17966 - 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

Another excellent video :) I've just done a video on Google Opinion if you have it in the US maybe you should do a video :).But if I went to med school, became a psychiatrist and worked for years only to have someone say the way we do it now sucks.This technology is so advanced most people cannot understand it.Every car built after 1996 has OBD2.Lol I live in new England and even with the motor out of a car I've never seen a transmission separate in 2 seconds.Game Ka name kya heThought viojThought vioj.I though he was gonna say 10000 dollars :))).Don't worry, it'll get done, after this video.

Is issue ke upar thoda research karo aur video banao.No more banging in the engine.Just not sure if you guys have planned for this.When im trying to change my bike when o bought new bike i cant use it?When are u going to play with moose have u broke up or what.Option to cover the Family?Sawa 2 Lakh Mai.Being a long time Holden buyer, recently had to look elsewhere and bought the v8 patrol love it hope nissan find their mojo again!I feel like it saves me time because I don't have to go over all the statements every month because i'm aware of all the charges.

When I bought my used

When I bought my used

I have also booked it and soon i will be getting my delivery.Hahaha 2 tawagan mo na nanay mo?Like to check for body and chassis rot, to the point were these vehicles no longer are road worthy and become unsafe.Or uski death bhi ho gyi.This video pissssed me off.  Big banks need to be taxed and pay the united states back that money.Keep away from maruthi and tata.What if the collection was bought buy another company and they take you to a magistrate?That's crazy, especially if most of their picks are stocks that I can just buy through my brokerage account if and when I want.I hate dealerships with a passion.

So that if they are mine and

So that if they are mine and

Go through marmalade cars finance and you get insurance included!Outbreak of world war 3 ensues if the mess can't be contained.No stand up at all?Swift, wagner,conditions good chahiye11.Third party insurance lo.I'm going to be buying a new car soon so this is crucial.Forza is toooo real.Bihar mein kitne Sal Purana bahan chal sakti hai is state ke bare mein bataen.Most beautiful and elegant batsman.

Best pension plans btayo sir.

Best pension plans btayo sir.

Wat a coincidence.Your stock market videos are really thought provoking.I feel if you can do that then it’s a good deal.The main prob: they all drive on the wrong side of the road.Home LoansName md reyan Number 7731837185Hyderabad Tanangana.Zordar bhai thanks.Jesi ti iz srbjje.I already knew how sheisty and sneaky new and used car desalers and dealerships are and now I find out that they're even worse than I thought!

SMH more false flag BS.

SMH more false flag BS.

2k dislikes for chopin.Love the daily driver.Their only move left is to sell you on value and make their profits from optional extras packages (which is discussed after the initial purchase price has been negotiated).The 3-year-old car I traded in was on its third windshield.Nice video and information sir.Learning to repair my own vehicle, wonder if insurance would buy parts by sending a cheque and I'll do the repair myselfdash cam, home security cam, starting to feel so defensive in this world of crazy people.Then they can actually demand it back with interest!

61% of the loan) which is almost double the cost of traditional 30 year mortgage.No common sense at ALL.Now and days it isnt serious like these guys nothing like that good ol oldschool nothing else.I have an credit monitoring app that lets me know when it goes up or down and why.You should do another video about this." That worked quite well.

Jman 2081

So a mechanic friend got a bmw and was shocked at the price of parts and repairs? Shouldn't he be working on it himself for free? If you work on your own cars bmw isn't going to be a ton more money in most cases.


Randomly came across this video and really liked it. Good job !


Duh, a little math would have told you that.

Bob Burnitt

Why does no one hold on to the Trigger guard anymore??I thought that was what the checkering or the horn was on there for.I don't get it.BB

J. A. E.

Dave at it again capping other’s financial potential

Preeti Kaur

10,000 ka kitna milega 1 month me