Undisputed | Skip & Shannon surprise as "LaVar Ball believes Lonzo Ball could become best PG in NBA"

There's nothing wrong with used parts.Thanks for sharing the videos guys.Sir plz Rooral About PMAYsir plz tel me sir.

It's all about team work

It's all about team work

I hope my professor could watch this video before he gave us the terrible lecture.I ain’t payin’ for no fly to do it!So to clarify you should either get a manual or a 5th gen Accord with an Auto.Kitne ganto sy 50 55.Financing a new car was the worst decision I've ever made.So if I understand correctly, the example shown at the beginning would suggest that after 3 years you would have paid 9000 on a 30k car?Great information!Stones phenana ka kya concept hai islam mai please is pr koi vdo hai inki tou link share kray.

"I already put the ECU in the bin"

"I already put the ECU in the bin"

22 what is the Music?Bhai IDV value kyaa rakhe.My S lost 30 miles.If lazy people keep cpmplaining Robots are going to take over the jobs.I can't get my first job yet soI need video for geeting jobs and paid money.

Christmas shopping was fun, I got a brand

Christmas shopping was fun, I got a brand

Motamkatastha 1 time.He still works with computers and electronics around the home but it's just a hobby of his.Every dang call today was relatable.Has Capitalism finally failed?U literally got a detail job on toby of body work.

I Ask for home loan they say that your dad loand is unpaid so I m in troble now Wat should I Do Can you Guide me I just booked my House.Those in power could, and did, play on those resentments.The helmeted guy with the broken femur might also be worried about the condition of the bike, in which case tell him.Big like from me.Bob Mortimer is the funniest guy on here, it's one of my favourite shows, always makes me laugh and cheers me up.More crap to go wrong.Worst music systemI have nexon xm modelMusic system aatkta h, aur m service center pr bhi 5 baar ja chuka hu, pr koi solution nahi mila Aur wo bolte h ki sir aap ko phone change krna pedegaUnka ka khena h ki vivo v15, samsung a50, oneplus7, oppo reno f2 ye hemari herman music list m nahi h aur bhi unhone bhut phone boleAb muje 25 k ka phone change krne ki bol rhe hYaha tk ki gadi ki staring noise bhi bhut aati h drive krte samaya sun shkte h isk liye bhi 5-6 baar ja chuka hu pr koi solution nahi niklaSir plz aap betao muje kya krna chahiye.

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My oh my..... the legs on Emily!!!! Mmmmm. Love to hear and see her on The Five.

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I’m a bit disappointed. I already watched this thought it would be a different video since advertised as live.I agree whole heartedly in his plan, but also think he’s definitely increasing his wealth not giving by charging the $129 for something I could have got for free on you tube.

Team Toyota

Hammond always buys my cars

bad gamer


Sylvia Jayakumar

Why dont you and ur hubby share video on ur both first day of job and experience...work culture?

RHETT Agreda

Sundin ang process ng insurance...Then tapos..


...umm we didnt get a Doug score for Doug

vanshruhi yadav

Sir meri monthly running1200 km hai extended warranty lu ya nahi....dzirezxi 16 month old hai

Chris Ashton

Say Joe Biden one more time...


Man! I didn't know about that electrical checking devise.

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Hey man, nice video. Truly helpful .Could you please explain how making a payment to the card shortly after making a charge helps in reducing the average daily balance and hence the interest.

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After you buy the car you can call Ford to get service contracts at a better price than the dialer


Can you change the setting in terms of how loan payment is calculated i.e., 30/360, 365/365, and 365/360?


Most of these angry dads are sooooooooooooo fucking fake , good on you lads for making a lot of money from YouTube though

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very good Bai ji

Maraql kanal

Nimet onlar amina qoydumun olu

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Kevin, people like you are literally angels on earth. I got really burned with my last auto purchase even though, it was by a friend of a relative. I am so appreciative of your knowledge and great tips. I’m looking to purchase in the next few months by subscribing to your channel continuing to watch your videos, I feel more confident and educated about this daunting process. Question for you, the expert...why does car buying have to take all day??!!


Great tutorial! Still working as of today. Thank you so much for this

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cooking Dont pay shyt...get a felony ....... and learn the hard way what he failed to mention is skilled trade ...make money ..but they will not putyou on commerical work