Ultimate North American Cars Driving Fails Compilation - 221 [Dash Cam Caught Video]

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Per mnth kitna jama krna hoga?

Per mnth kitna jama krna hoga?

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Sir can i

Sir can i

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Same fear campaign.

Same fear campaign.

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Your videos are very informative

Your videos are very informative

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A guitarist's guitarist.

A guitarist's guitarist.

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EXCELLENT VIDEO, THX!I love my 1990 C4 everyday driver but the C7 GS is AWESOME!

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I did not know mt Volvo had a trunk latch until I had it detailed at Rick's!

Real Truth

SAVE hit a price peak in 2014 and has been going lower since. It is now 26 from 85 and looks like it can drop more.Be careful peeps!

Lucas Parkin

If the car if the Peugeot has so many problems study to be a mechanic idiots

Adil Rahman

Ayal parayunna answer kelkanulla samayam polum aa mottakilla kanathe padicha qstns chidichondirikenu


The John Olive effect is real


Take out about 5 topics and slow down.

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So wait he directed Disney, in the '80's? like into the ground

Sterling Price

It is much easier to pass inspection here in the US. Much much much easier. If your lights and signals work, windshield wipers, horn, tires still have some tread, brake on passenger side front wheel, you're usually good to go. Being on joking terms with your mechanic works wonders.

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Yes please

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17:00 had my girl and me in absolute stitches

Rod Ferguson


Jesper Gerduka-sson



Amazing that the car arrival ding (going up), double-ding (going down) wasn't mentioned in this video!

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Good information.. thanks


40 hour work week is hard? Hahaha


Probably good for some undergraduates

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Agar term insurance company band ho jati hai to kya hoga?

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Hi Chevy Dude, I am going to be a first time car buyer. I'm Mid 20's , 750 Credit score, and am going to put $10,000 on a $18,000 2019 Chevy Malibu (Used). I am checking pre-approved placed sponsored by cargurus and carfax but the sub banks they refer me out to are offering 10-15% estimated APR.Even a dealership guessed it would be that high. I expected 4-7% with my current situation and am wondering if this is normal to receive such high APR offers?? It doesn't seem right.

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I’m still dialing in a system. I retired in October at 57. I have cash to bridge to 59.5. I have about half of my IRA’s in a Roth, and will be doing Roth conversions each year until it’s all Roth. Were planning on taking Social Security at 70. The part of my system that is a little more fully baked are the contingency plans if we get whacked by the dreaded sequence of returns risk. Contingency PlansPlan B - Keep 3 years of living expenses in cash (will be able to ride out the majority of downturns). Plan C - Reverse mortgage.Plan D - Belt tightening.Plan E - Get job. (absolute last resort)I need to find a tribe here in SLC, and locate a retirement pro to do a sanity check on my math.


Aide from the H2/H3, the Hummer is pretty damn cool

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You need more practice for hindi speaking...