Ultimate AUDI RS6 C5 4.2 QUATTRO Exhaust Sound Compilation HD

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Appointee name me

Appointee name me

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brandon dias

Man, that can-am is epic and that resort looks amazing!!!


The door replacement bugs me.

Victor Ciobanu

Hello! I do not find my zebra model: 2746. How do I do?


Good video sir...tnq.

vip vicky

U do no how to play pundakudhi

Adnan Khan

dono gariyo me beth jao phepre bahar ajaenge

D e x

I carry a kit, 12cmX15cmX23cm. 2xsplint 1xCAT(Tourniquet), hemorrhage control bandage and powder, various normal items. I put 2xred 2xgreen armband flashers(Think dog collar flasher), the red for victims (and me) and the two Green for the Medkit. (you come up on a bike, you see a victim, but was there a pillion? A second bike?) Once you light up the scene with road flares (mine are battery. I don't like starting a fire at a crash scene) and help the victim and determine if a 911 call is in order, you go looking for more bikes. If you find one, and a victim, that green flashing light really shows up. Police are flashing red and white and blue. The road flares are red and flashing. The EMT and LEO are using LED flashlights that are a blinding bluish white. Green is where to get the tourniquet, the hemorrhage powder. Also usually by the first Victim. I have never had EMT or LEO move that kit when they leave the scene. Its not theirs and may make a difference after they leave. I have taken classes at least annually for 40 years. I have a "Do no harm" on phone app for reference. But, if I did not know how to use the kit, I'd still carry one. It could be me down and a passerby-er stops and uses my own kit to save my life. Or You are on scene with a kit you don't dare try to use, but will be forced to, and a person who does know how to use it stops. Kit is there, no delay. My kit is maybe a 1KG. I consider it a one and done. It's a helmet. First crash, its being replaced. If it gets old, it gets replaced (I will still give it to people that don't carry one. I say it's expired, but, honestly, I'd rather have a kit that is old, but has a tourniquet and splints, rather than try to make one on the spot. Nothing you need is ever in front of you when someone is bleeding out. If the bandages give them an infection, sorry. You just threw yourself on the ground, into equipment, road work, and got poked by road signs and burned by road sludge. Unless that bandage is green or yellow when I open it, its probably not the bandage that got you.

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Aoa..meri beti ki leg cutt gai hy.wo 3rd year ki student hy.wo chal phir nhi sakti..pehly choti thee to hm god mn utha k chor aty thy ab masha Allah wo bri hy..hmen us k liey koi bike ya scootr mil jay to ap ki bht mehrbani hogi..

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Good Sir0097430025076Doha


Anyone else think the thumbnail looks like Clarkson is getting it up the ass?

Montgomery Burns

He was motivational once, enjoyed success, now smug. Happens to many. Pity.

Gerardo Linares

So is this for a transmission that runs like new (original)? I'd like a "bulletproof" build video, but this is nice and detailed.


There's nothing like the true indisputable and infectious energy of a Scientist. May I add? One who is on FIRE with passion for the endeavors in which one can find themselves, when they are sharing the knowledge with an engaged audience... Or captivated, LOL. I send you my gratitude, good sir. You're inspiring.


1:41 lady was distracted by the two cars sitting on the side of the road or the person on her side of the road

The Commando


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Zawar bhai xli 9 model installment pr mil jae gimery pas mehran he 10 model saf codition mn

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That sucks to be in jail..when do you get the time to bust a nut?

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Manufacturing date kaise pata kare