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Bank say u r not eligible because need co borowar in your plotand u r alone.The next credit cards I'd like to get are the ones for the Hotels I say at most often when I go to Anime Conventions.Well at first i felt bad for Gerald for his long and hard work and Martin breaking his ears in the process, but in the bright side, thanks to Martin, now more than 7 million people knows Gerald's work ethic and skills.Jo loan liya hi nhi wo bhi cibil m aa rha h.YES PLEASE I'm beyond tried of getting 12.I take care of my vehicles.Just subscribed for the real fact you real dude so much respect and good energy boss keep it with family.Hyundai did a great job.

Great video, thanks for the information!Don't count electoral fraud out, either.Energetic dynamic and innocent.Plz sir esa mat karna aap hamare sabse best Pm ho plz plz plz plz esa mat karna.Gateway just sounds plain evil.Policy bazar me insurance karte waqt first party, comprehensive and third party teeno alag dikha rakhe h.This is the first problem, and the foundation to all of our other problems.Time to break such monopoly.

Looks pretty mad.In some website they give correct to answers like 19.The housing would continue to get hot - but faster!So better not to buy.I wish you could do more and more videos.Jay is such a chill guy.How can the 1 thing be "waiting to get pre-approved?Know the matter at that time there is nothing in ur hand.Some drivers are too impatient nowadays.I will definitely look into that.

Wow you really get

Wow you really get

If you have a situation like this in California message me!Mai aapki sabhi videos dekhta hu achi jankari dete hai nice.And which bank offers the best deal taking into consideration all the hidden charges that you mentioned?Sad Sad Sad Gerry car YUK.Thanks Carey, all the best from WALES, UK.They will shut you down and blacklist you if you apply for a card and go buy $1000 in Visa gift cards to hit minimum spend.All my questions are answered in your video.Always interesting to see gta ai.

50 Down Payment - Car Insurance4859 Park St.Once again Scotty and his rant against Korean cars.Italians are breathing easier now.Sandals uggg I gotta go.Good imformaTION SIRp.

SAVAGE MODE ENABLED.Turn it into a rear facing ramp and drive right over the idiots.Better call Matt.Idhehathinteprgrms muthirnnavar kanendathanu.O Bahai saab apni aawaz to nekal lo.Me :-Buys a 1tb harddrive with 3 months savings.South Korean cars depreciate at a higher percentage then American and German.Try working for ADT Security.

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This is the best soldering tutorial in the entire internet. I remember watching it several years ago. It was so informative and took my skill on a whole new level. Thank you PACE for publishing and keeping this knowledge online.

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4:29 scottys attempt at being Italian lmfao

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I live in australia and Ive only ever seen ONE charging point and since distances are many hundreds of miles... perhaps not yet.


Excellent content and production. These videos should be cataloged and protected for viewing years from now. Thank You Jay.

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i wonder how much the whole Project cost in the end?

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sir my fourth fathers property was sailing by my dad without my signature he was selling how to stop

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Power addition faw xv


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Yes, but paying off your mortgage early will also mean you’re diverting income to pay off the safest, lowest interest rate credit liability to forego investing it in much higher income growth opportunities...Why pay down a mortgage at 4% if there are opportunities to earn 8-10% elsewhere?

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Arrest motherfuckers like this and don't arrest black people just because they are black

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thnku Ravi sir G 4 important information keep it up

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Hey Scotty, thanks for all the great videos! You mentioned cleaning the MAF sensor. I saw that in another of your videos but what do you clean them with? I could't see what can you were using. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

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I financed my under grad to prepare for med school by Federal college loans and help from my brother. I paid him back by giving him half interest in a clinic/apartment building I purchased later on.It is possible to. Insider that doctors are a kind of societal-treasure and should at least be treated honorably by Government. I’m not saying they should a free ride.I would be pleased enough if Democrats stopped their war of increasing regulations against doctors.I paid off every debt, including of course my college loans and retired at age 53. I have been married to the same lady for 53 years.I have been enormously blessed and feel grateful that a college gave me an opportunity to become a doctor.Dave Ramsey’s entire point of view is eschewing victimhood and taking personal responsibility.This is the exact opposite of Democrats.Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

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