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My EMI is RS 9200 for 40 years.Aslaam o alikaam zawar bhai first you are great person secondly zawar bhai alto agr gas par hoa toh phr kia milage rahay gae.Good information.Just do everything until you get to 100%.

I see nothing wrong with the vehicle.Dude you are the fucking best.I maybe wrong but taking that solid oak interior trim out may lighten it up a bit.This isn't for totals but Im wondering sincenowadays any accident repair showing up on a carfax lowers the cars resell value.Bt credit score ni show kr raha.

I think I was tired of wearing bits

I think I was tired of wearing bits

The differences between some of these brands could be more or less than the variations from one bit to another in a he same pack.I think you were off on your numbers a bit if I pay 30k for a new Toyota and 2 k down finance balance for 36 months payment is going to be about $500 a month thats a lot more then the lease of about 230 a month but your right if you can afford that, it’s better then leasing.The fit and finish?What a wonderful man.A true professional.

Must be the same dimension that sells running

Must be the same dimension that sells running

Runs on e85 even better.When investing in real estate which mortgage is best?The Japanese justice system is fucked, look up Mt.Will this work if I'm a student and just starting to build my credit?And is it a valid justification?When my bank pulled my score from transunion, it was significantly higher, like 60 points.

Sir main home insurance Liya hai bank agent ne dila diya tha.Do i get same kind of profile in canada which i am having in india or i also need to start from scratch or do menial jobs.Mate this is tripping me out, your driving around and am like.I can fully charge in about 3 and it would be around 8 with the others.Sir u deserve 1 million subscribeers.


So we are comparing a cheaper 5 series competitor to a top spec 3 series.... Checks out.... Should have included the 5 series in the mix...This video could be ended by the 3:40 min mark... Game over Cadillac.Comparing the Cadillac to BMW is wrong.Cadillac here competes with Lexus....

mohammad kapadia

Bhai jo mehnat karke thoda jyada paisa kama leta hai to usko loot sakte hai? Mtlb lootna justify kar sakte...Soch achhi hai?


You might have spent over $ 70,000 over the past 40 years, but their liability was WAY over $ 6,000. For every driver like you, there's one that hits somebody and causes someone bodily injury. And truthfully, that's what insurance is for. Sure, collision coverage can cover damage to your own car. But if you injure someone, you need insurance to go to bat for you. Without it, you're on your own to dispute medical expenses and such. And then you have to pay out of pocket.

Luis Meyer

bad ice cream 3 on hudgames is nice and i like this game hehehe

Mohamed Egal

Thank you for the education, I smelled something fishy about credit karma that’s why I googled their integrity. Your has answered all my suspicious questions. Thanks

Eileene Clark

6/4/19....Americans are NOT using common sense. WHY don't more workers "ride share" or "pay" a fellow worker to pick them up bring them back home rather than look fir/sign loan papers/buy or lease a vehicle then have ins taxes upkeep to pay on their vehicle?

Daniyal Sardar

20 lak ki qist kitni ho gi

Hope For the Planet

I wish More newsmen were like Lou ....and asked hard , challenging questions of political spokespeople ....rather than swallowing whatever theyspew out to mollify and placate the populace...Well done Lou...keep their feet to the fire...AMERICANS...( and the world) ...WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH..THE they can be PREPARED......We are NOT CHILDREN !No one wants to be the Cricket who Sang all summer While MOCKING the industrious , hard working Squirrel who spent the summer preparing his home and gathering up nuts and grains for the hard winter ahead....

Abu Dhabi

Iski real price honi chahiey jo k sahi ha 3 lakhs

Charleigh Glezman

My dog just bit someone she might get put down

jurry gutierrez

how about ofw,sir?