Train & Railway Crossing Accidents 1 - BeamNG Drive

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Pasensya pero i think the total amount to be paid is a lot higher than what was told added to that that the problem with bsp they dont protect the depositor with the sceme that these bank are doing

Mo Azim

Bruh my rents so high I can afford to own a $300k apartment apparently. Too bad I will never be able to due to student loan debt.

Scottie Manners

I think they flooded it for sure

Abdullah Khan

Muadarabahmean that business can go in lost...I never heard that any Islamic bank gone in lost..always in profit...mean what

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But 10 yrs isextendable??

Mike Hawk

How about a 328i 4-cylinder BMW?


The CT5 actually looks nice sitting next to the 3 series. Design wise it’s the fresher of the two.


wow, glad I only borrowed ONE dollar! )and by the way what time period is semi-annually considered? If its 2 that you would divide the interest rate with, is that in months? Because wouldn't a year be 12?


must be your state, I've got a 3/4 ton and a 1 ton dually on a normal policy, they just need to pay based on my normal/maximum load for taxes(I guess for the roads)

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Marty looks OK Moog looks like hammered meat. Jet Lag is a Bitch.

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I couldn't get past Johnny and his fucking shirt lmfao

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Prachar jyada hi karta hai isse phone karo to baat nahi karta.



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