Tractor fail | Belarus 510 Tractor stuck in mud helped by Belarus Tractor | Dhaka starting tractor

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I went to see a ELP recently

I went to see a ELP recently

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This is genuinely a

This is genuinely a

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I'd love to see some

I'd love to see some

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perfect but need explaination for your codes


The best trucks are the early to mid 90s Ford F150s. They can take a lot of abuse and go very far. That’s why you see so many of them on the road today in 2020.

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Do you have a tutorial on how you built the structure?


The bottom line is you should know before walking into a dealership what you want/need, how much is you budget, and what you are paying for. Economic logic: leasing is financing, plus other services- costs and trouble of ownership, resale risk, liquidity, and resale service (saves you the trouble of selling it the difference between retail resale prices and the quote you get from dealers). You pay for what the company does for you in addition to normal financing, and this show up in the form of interest rate, the resale price (the % of MSRP), and other fees. Part of your normal financing plan is paying for the resale value, that's why you are paying more cash out. No matter at the end you sell it higher or lower (compared to residual), it is your problem (resale risk). Your money is deposit in your car and you cannot use it (unless you colleteralise it) (liquidity). With leasing plan you put that burden on the shoulder of the dealer and keep the cash of resale value by paying less monthly. So you want the interest rate to be as low as possible and the residual % they set for you to be as high as possible.Now bear in mind resale value to partially determined by how you treat the car. Also, at the end of the lease term you have to make a decision- unless you don't really need a replacement vehicle. This put you in a less favourable position in the next deal because you need to find a new car within a certain time, but if you own the title you can take your time. It also doesn't make too much sense if you plan to buy back the car after lease term.