Toyota Sienna Hard Steering

Like a person a car can be "Pretty on the outside and rotten on the inside!That has to come from within and things often times possess the space self fulfillment should, and very unsatisfactorily so.He trots out almost the exact same lines every show and crowbars them to someone he can see.My 02 is fast as hell, but I'm saving for a 11 model xkrs.Mute krke dekhna jyada achcha lga is video ko.Hum or humtv, Hamesha sath.A message appears suggesting to use one of the proposed forms.Dislike krne wale agent hi honge.

13000 Salary hai muze kitana loan milega.So I stole a car randomly, is there a way I can permanently keep it even if I crashdrowndestroy it?And it'll be just as crappy as the 4 and the 3 were.Y to Allah ko chakr dene ki bat.Which Nexon variant is having 6 Air bag?Mere pass lic saral hai.

GaganBhaihello, should I buy second hand luxury car.Off topic but the coloring party of his suit tie and shirt look amazing.An Asian’s insurance that isn’t through the roof?Worse than watching TV.BJPis WORSE THANHITLER.Why can't home loan banks lend directly to consumers instead of lending to the big banks?Comentario o like si eres espaol (no digan estupideces).I see some with credit card debt, but very few.Video cheyyaathathe.It's got way more benefits in our lives than just being able to borrow money.

5 million dollar car, customised

5 million dollar car, customised

A very expensive driveable laptop.Multan ground and people.Boleh ka umah tu saya buat sewaan dan plan nak beli rumahlow kos.4 w average to cook (added xiaomi plug to check all appliance usage.I tried to divide the interest rate with 12 months i.And it wasn't too severe.Very informative, thank you.Or is it that our government wants to keep the American people slaves to coal and oil?

I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship where I took finance, accounting and courses on how to create businesses.Ur vids r best on educational topic.'s would not even acknowledge this.Love at first sight with the financial advisor in this video, then noticed it was over 10 years old.Omg he flipped haha.Hamne personal loan 5 year ke liye liya hai lekin hamne weh loan 9 month me chuka diya kya hame koi fine dena hoga ya hame discount milega pl bataye.

Kya RTO or insurance ka price Sabhi showroom me ek hi hota hai kya?Check the radiator is it blowing to the head gasket into the radiator open up the radiator take the cap off the radiator is it bone by head gasket.Very informative!I am also playing this type game.Liberty Mutual will Be next!Fuel consumption is fantastic.Just closing the lane off would have people moaning about the unused road space (even though if was actualling improving the flow), so it was made a bus lane.- SCOTTY KILMER.I have cash to bridge to 59.0:17 feel really bad for the person in the orange car.

I also found more reasons here:thanks sir.Sorry but it would be great if you share some light.I have scion xa 2006 with 142000 mile on it,the red light of air bag come on and off,what should I do at this point.I've even flown the shitty airlines like wizz air, Ryan air, vuelling, vietjet etc.You really dont need a fancy looking spray bottle, you can just use your grandma's old hair spray bottle and it will still do the trick lol.

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On those tow dollies, never, Never NEVER tow a front engine car with the rear wheels on the dolly. The weight distribution is completely wrong and you can get a trailer sway going that is completely uncontrollable. You are better off spending a few extra bucks to rent a car trailer that has all 4 wheels of the towed car off the ground.People die when a trailer sway causes the car to go out of control.

Drastic Change

I almost leased a 2017 M3 $760 a month. I graduated high school couple months ago, going into a 4 year public college paid in cash. Making 560 a week, I almost screwed myself over.

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Tootlay yhabi aagya y Baal in kaarnaamo may udaa leye hehe

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Make a video about the car insurance company up here in Canada called ICBC. $2000 a year... Now that’s a scam.

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Thank you deelip Bai,Ur giving soo much of informations

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Jivan labha polici me muze maine ke kitane rupaye bharne padege or jivan labha polici sach me milegi kya

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Their welds looked like hammered on dog shite. Who pays for these clowns to destroy mess and gom shit up like this?

Wajid Iqbal

What about yaris, Corsa, Jazz, Mazda 2, A1!

R.R. Hughes

This question is just a rephrasing of the "I can't take a raise because I'll lose my government assistance" idiocy

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Nissan Micra Nismo would be sick!!

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Great Video on Progress Chat .. Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You!


I worked in sales/ finance for 20 yrs in the auto industry........... and your absolutely accurate! Great videos very informative info/ topics. Iv'e been binge watching all your material since i just stumbled upon it!

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Watching in 2020, subscribed. I'm preparing myself for retirement. Great information.

David Collins

Krystal Ball said that democrats wanting a moderate wasn't borne out by the facts. Well, hold on, African-Americans gave the corrupt neoliberal Biden a smashing win in South Carolina it seems that Black voters over 45 (who turnout and vote, unlike young people) actually do want a moderate.


Nice stuff

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'How are the mighty fallen'






Say you withdraw $10k before retirement so you you have to pay that 10% penalty of the withdrawal amount which is 1k. now you actually cashed out only 9k and not 10k. Say you are at 25% tax bracket and have already paid all those lower level tax bracket amount. So now you pay 25% of that 9K that you cash out ? or u actually pay 25% of that 10k you cashed out regardless of that penalty u paid before?

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Sr mai hotel management k liye loan lena chhti hoon .... mere pass it file , aur pay slip nhi h to kaise loan milega ..... Plzzzzz btyye......


40:40-Utter bullshit spoken by a noob2:11:00-I think the guy wasn't meaning that he would run 10 Model 3's on his "own" system, but rather would like to own multiple Model 3's, so he could benefit from having them all be part of the fleet, under Tesla's terms.But then the conversation seemed to morph a bit, and I think Elon interpreted the commenter as saying he wanted to run the whole show himself, including the ride-hailing app, and take all the profits.Which wouldn't be "easy", because the Model 3 I don't think would allow anyone to access it with an independant custom app, and have it then go pick up passengers. Oviously, this would cut Tesla out of the picture, so I'm sure they have safeguards in place to prevent a rogue ride-hailing robo-taxi network from operating with Tesla vehicles.

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On my channel, I have over 10,000 watch hours with over 2000 subscribers but YouTube still keep denying me monetization. Will this process help me get approval for monetization?


Thanks. Its worked.

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If this was some secret plant by the DNC to get Bernie elected, why on Earth would these people openly discuss what they are planning? This is what I don't comprehendunless Bernie is some kind of plant, then is this arrogance/hubris, crowd signaling to peers the donor class, trying to scare people into not voting because they think that their vote doesn't count/intimidation tactics, or some other tactic? Why would they reveal this info? Are they so locked into their own world that they actually believe the voting public won't react positively to this? Isn't this precisely what they want?Also, Aaron, can you and Max discuss the voter suppression that went down in South Carolina with the tactics with polling station in SC in areas that were statistically pro-Sanders?Thanks!

toni g

You really overcomplicated this... the video is unnecessarily long

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let's go on the news over $80 pathetic