Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 1989 |

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The interior real pops with the silver

The interior real pops with the silver

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Simply excellent.

Simply excellent.

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Dirt 4 sucked, worst in the series imo. I played Dirt Rally on PC with an Xbox One controller and it was so much better than Dirt 4. those generated stages were pure shit and the handling was so unsatisfying.

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Well I applied for too many cards lately, but I definitely will do this once things settle a bit.


13:04 anyone know what that square is to the left of the license plate? I’m thinking maybe a retractable camera.

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No mention of putting money in savings, the (Does Not Exist) bank account  the regular savings. When folks shop they always say they saved 20 bucks 50 bucks etc. when unless that $$ goes into the bank nobody has saved anything. We split extra money by every month paying way more than any minimum payment. We own great investment properties our home, you bet we spend that 1000.00 a month on every kind of insurance.

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My black box encouraged me to not corner hard so it was better to cut the round about instead of taking the correct lane because cutting = less cornering g forces......Also forced me to go speed limit everywhere which meant you get a massive queue of angry people behind you in certain areas who get annoyed and then try dangerous things to overtake.....Was a nightmare so I got rid of mine. Going with the flow of traffic in the correct lane is safer even if its slightly over the speed limit.


I'm curious. do you pay these owners after review? or do they just do it cause you ask them to?


Is the "out the door" price the total price of the car with taxes and document fees or just the cost of the car?

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God bless you

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This car is not too see in Europe! Maybe in Italia they love fast going carbut Alfa Romeo and Maserati is morepopular.

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Love it

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Car insurance is legal rape

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Irda kya kar rahe hai...


Make a review of rx8

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60 70 25,30, 50000/- 7 10 20% , , FI - 9672996008

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Dinesh home loan when I Banda but it's weather9624517986

MG corporation

Know mutual fund in fool shorting mood, retail investor ko road pe lagenge, because they want to show performance..