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That must me the last batch

That must me the last batch

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What about the beginning balance and

What about the beginning balance and

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I am big fan of

I am big fan of

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36:00 I would figure the inspection key would have a lock out tag out system...

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Great video! Glad I found your channel. Can't wait to check out some of your other videos. I pay my credit card usually before I receive the statement but I never knew all the benefits so thanks!




It's "Without further to do",NOT THE YANKEE VERSION YOU SPOUTED OUT "Without further a-do".



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Rick P

Too much BS at the beginning of the video. I almost changed to another Youtube channel but decided to fast forward to see if your were going to get down to business and talk about the cards.Finally, 1/3 of the way you cut the BS and got down to business.Thank you.

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