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The US gov't once confiscated

The US gov't once confiscated

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It’s my first brand new vehicle at 20

It’s my first brand new vehicle at 20

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Review your work and let

Review your work and let

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Needed to learn formulas for

Needed to learn formulas for

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Sadly we have so many people in place at the NHS for "diversity" reasons, and I know this because much of my family works for the NHS, that we have trouble even now with nurses and doctors understanding one another and with incompetents and people acting in culturally inappropriate ways towards staff put in management positions to get rid of them but those incompetents are still there in charge acting as road blocks to changing procedures quickly as a new virus demands that you do. We also have huge numbers of patients that speak not a single word of English. This is going to be a disaster in this country. On a personal experience level I remember going to AE in a very well known London hospital a few years back and I couldn't understand a word the woman in charge was saying to me and it became all too obvious after she did a handover and left that neither could any of her staff as they were all asking one another what she had been saying at the handover that she had done only a few feet away from me with me not understanding a word either. Another win for diversity for the sake of it. Well it is too late to get the diversity hires out now but when this is over I hope the NHS gets off its backside and starts training people and promoting people who can actually write and speak in English the language the taxpayers speak.

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Chutiyoo ki kaami nhn sirf qaba Marta rahagaye share markt tu chudo jhand markt b nhn pata ullu ku

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Carlton dry certainly active in the pay for play you tube product placement.


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Sa mga ka Anne-Trep, wag kalimutan mag like at mag comment habang nanunuod ng video bilang support natin sa channel ni Maam para ganahan pa sya na gumawa ng maraming videos na ganito. Salamat.

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Very informative.

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Thank you guys for being soooo real with your experiences! I recently took my G1 and a friend suggested a driving instructor who I was about to dump over 500 on a package just to jump to getting my G. But I think I'm gonna wait around after I get my G2 since my husband is an experienced driver.

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is it me or am i the only one that thinks the stingray looks better than the zo6, with zo6 outer ground tim looks really cool on the stingray, looks like a ferrari lool


Sir, could you please tell me regarding RGTS,is Pancard is compulsory while doing RGTS transaction ?


Dave Ramsey is not only teaching me how to get out of debt but also relationship guidance here. Now I know questions to ask outside of "what do you do?"

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Sir Kota Allen education system pe .....

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40 years ago my grandfather taught me how to use credit cards without paying any interest.I have NEVER paid a single penny of interest following his advice.1. Get a check book register2. "Load" a budget amount [like you would deposit funds in your checking account]3. Deduct every credit card purchase from that amount as if you had written a check4. You will NOT exceed your budget and you will automatically have the funds to pay your credit cards without interest.Result: you get all the bonuses, and benefits of the credit cards without the dangers and those fall to your bottom line automatically.

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Shivam Kumar