The Stable Song

3mnth hoe hn unki dth ko.Wish I knew this stuff earlier.Can I contribute in your work?

Also, check out student.I am very sure if battery prices go down in a few years, someone will build these cars.POR ALGUM MOTIVO EU SORRI NO INICIO.

I realize you don’t mean that

I realize you don’t mean that

I want the suitcase.Honey, I spoke to Dave Ramsey today and he said you need a 2nd job.Cruze is best car from Chevrolet.This is a pretty fucking nice video mate.I didn't catch the rest to what you we're saying at 33:11.I will say that he sounds kind of like an asshole here.

Scotty, can you start wearing a hat your forehead is massive!So vin wiki u and ur wife have all these supercar maybe 200k in the garagei,would assume ur losing 20k a year in depreciationare u from wealthy family or trust fund boy.Buy a shack that is falling apart for 60% of market value, keep it at 20% of the take home and invest time and money into making it what you want.If insurance bastards had to do that much work, I guarantee they would change how they determine the value and change how the "repair vs replace" decision is made.Why installing a clutch?Every style he demonstrated sounded nice even though he says he likes to just sit there and play campfire chords.You got a Honda Civic with a family of four with one more on the way, how do you accommodate your family in that small car?I feel that I am being retaliated against.Asphalt8 is Best.

Sir maine apne credit card ka

Sir maine apne credit card ka

Aap ne ek point ghalat bola ki Khushi pe paisa kharach Kare like travelling.It starts with "Home".Statistically it should be less reliable, however if it's designed properly it may be academic how much.If I wanted a z4 I'll just buy one and save a buttload of money.Yes Gutfeld you should just leave right now and take the other four with you.Anyone see the louis vuitton bag damn these guys be rich af.This is utter illogical debate.If you don't let people merge, you're just a douche.I am smach in the hause.Exactly my brain's thought you are explained in this video very nice.

What can I run I3 2370mIntel hd 30004gb ddr3.If we're smart, instead of replacing millions of internal combustion engine vehicles in the nationworld, we'd be much better off simply exchanging petroleum engines for electric motors and gas tanks for batteries.Askdds bhai new Safari aaegi ya nhi.If considering following this plan, do it!What did Hyundai get?More Tesla spam. PakWheels very useful.

Shebi Iju

Kochu kuttikalude kariyam vava chettante ee praverthiyodu kutticherkkan Padilla .idhehathinteprgrms muthirnnavar kanendathanu.ith kuttikal anukarikkunu enkil athinu utharavadi mathapithakkalum,muthirnnavar aanu

Satya Prakash

First of all thanks for providing knowledgeable business ideas to viewers.But ple add the title of business for getting easy understanding of Category.

Educational N intertainment aadaa

sir u r grate....... nice lecture

University of Birds

I have opened a university of birds. Do you want to enrol your birds in this university?

Wilson Solt

This is a mechanic "dressing nice"


Good information

Solomon Murphy

5:02 that was so unnecessarily dramatic and i love it

James Bond 007

nothing new here. I have worked at Plenty of these shops . Even Managed one. I quit when I found out what insurance companies are up to it's just not State Farm it's all of them and it's bad in California!


neck roll is upside down :)

dykecycle jr

If he pulls this off ima call McLaren

Francisco Santos

Nice video!

Primeval seeker

Great advice thanks a lot.

Dr Breen

Tbh I must have a rlly good deal. I was quoted 1,800 for a 1.6l alfa romeo


Thanks I watched the whole video.


Blah blah blah blah,blah blah blah .........


i think they were just hardcore saving on weight to get more top speed

Pushpak Gayen

You should do a video on "watch dogs"...and it's detailsAnd sad that video games now don't bother about details , it only care about fun , fun and killing... except some ps4 exclusive games.. :-D


Sir Interest par tax lagega kya

Abdul Rehman



Sidha mudde ki baat karo jyada Gyan mat do

Karen Yung

Hi Leila, I press Ctrl-Alt-8 or Ctrl-Alt-9, it didn't give me any response with [ and ].I key in [ and ] directly instead.But apparently there is no effect in colour change.Can you help please?