There Goes My Life

This is the best way to learn!I think it is important that we realise and remember we are in the top percentiles of wealth in the world instead of focusing on what we haven't got.If someone phones me, i only respond once ive reached my destination.I had buyed yes bank share.The drivethru is private property, not a public road - that particular law shouldn’t apply.Comparing bs4 v bs6 please do inform on the pollution factor also.What was made, paid off that interest.

How does the TGS the File Server in the first place get to know the shared secret key?Not even gonna watch this video.Newspaper ya kuch aur.If I will stop(not surrender) the payment of premium amount after 3 years then what will happened.

Akwkskskfjfismghcnx.I remember my mom trying to stop me from getting my first job.And one mega cool gal!In March I've bought 2015 BMW i3 REX CPO for $17.Me massey ke showroom me gaya tha to bahut bahnga bol rahe the aur kam price bata rahe ho ye kaise.Difference is that americans can drive modded cars without problems with the laws.Mil sakta ha 7999949979.This was during heavy snow fall.Premium 45000 yearly bhar raha hu.

Nobody on the planet says "idiot" like Angry Dad.I suggest you to please promote ERTUGUL turkish drama.Also I have quite a few Wiha (pronounced Viha) hand tools.Plot par new constructionKarene ke liye loan Lena hPar women ownership nahi hAwasa yojna ka fayda milega Kya?Should I buy Nexon or Gypsy for 3 Lakhs?No one will be saved in car.Look at all the softies saying they feel sorry for him it’s hilarious haha.

But with the width of the gantry and Z axis you can't cut the full 5'x5'.There is a balloon payment at the end of the contract.CC CUBIC CENTIMETRE HOTA HAI GAGAN BHAI CUBIC CAPACITY NAHI.You’d think the tow truck driver would fkn know that.AND ENDED UP BEING A HUGE HUGE MISTAKE!

Bhoot koob bhiGood information.If you live in civil world, not in wild area.The point is - if I had a million dollars I would have probably invested them into real estate.Bhi aj kal kitna custom pr raha 660cc pr.Don't trade your old vehicle in.Modi g ka aadesh hamare sur aankhon pur.How do i talk to someone and start a strategy on this method and thx for the knowledge.Netshowsdetail335.Teacher with out voice is just like explaining colour to a blind person.

I think the trades are where it's at.I'm really appreciate after watch this video I bought my Honda pilot week ago Honestly that salesman not shows me any features might be he also don't know about it. There is a MSRP, with very little profit, customer get the dealer cost and come and want to pay no profit to the dealership, how will everybody survive.Main agr second month main hi 2 lakh bhar do 5lakh ka jo loan liya tha to kya bank ka interest kam ho jayega Aisa krme pr mujhe profit hoga ki nhi tell me Ans diya kr comment ka.Buying, which is almost never true.U r inspiration of youth.

More of does please.0:02 WHATUP FUCKERS.But, I absolutely love your videos and posts.The USA get 99% of our drugs from China.If I have $1000 in credit card debt and$1200 in cash would it be wiseto pay off the entire credit card?What the fuck is that monitor he is using?Scotty out here on the streets dealing O Rings.Sometimes I wonder if colliding him when he just gets into my line and calling the police might teach him a lesson.

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Alkonaft007 come back. This is Good film VEEEERYYY FUNNY thx

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Excited to start using these

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Mercedes looks sexy BMW looks mean

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what does no spending limit means?

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-2020 Coronviris, there is No known cure. Karma has an interesting way too shut down Human Stupidity. By the way take responsibility and wash your hands.

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Valuable information

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11 wreck. Not bad.

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Great video, once again. Well done. Keep up the great work.

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Excellent - Note for UR dials, to make them much easier for tired old eyes to read, fill them with white paint. I mix either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (Ebay) powder into a bit of clear epoxy resin. Adjust the powder content to make a paste and fill and squegee off. Once cured U can touch up any residue with an abrasive eg steel wool etc. I’ve also used powder coat resin to fill the epoxy for custom colors - a bit overkill perhaps!

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Maruti cars are overpriced coffins

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Great stuff

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Dobbs must know what's going on behind the scenes because he sure as heck is calling b.s. on Azar!

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Thank you very much

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i think you are hacker, how do you have more points than diamonds, you gonna lose everything

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its really useful thank you sir


Please make video about how to safely overtake cyclists they always give me anxiety and it can be hard to find a section of road wide enough to overtake all the other care behind me are annoyed at having to drive slowly because of the bike

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Pretty adorable story!


If they did the "check the oil" thing in Australia, more than half would fail even finding how to open the bonnet.

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Kya kisi ne socha tha mout bhi EK din made in China aayegi

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AZDSQ San Pedro




Really nice video! Laughed and had a great time!


:----) how did I get unsubbed from this beautiful channel.... RIP

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Hey just getting an error thatNullReferenceException in Shift function in Parallaxer



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Sir mere ko chahiye ye machine

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Extended warranty or amc hata kar galt kara hai aapne or online insurance main bhi thage jaoge or logo ko kyu misguide kar rahe ho. Extended warranty andamc provide extra safty.

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How can a parent ask their kids for help? Smh. I'd starve and die before ever asking my kids for anything.

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Hey thanks