The first 25 LEGO Collectible Minifigure series -- 400+ figures!

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Fekkin lada niva.

Fekkin lada niva.

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Gamingowy POLAND


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License py ktna kharcha aata hai, fee etc?.

Armani Khan

Video k pechy agar halka sa background music ho to acha rahy ga

Mayur Parekh

Very nice explanation. I have following query: You have mentioned that based on VSR Bouns, Sum Assured is increased. but in your calculation it does not mention. Could you please explain in more details?

Vaibhav Jaiswal

I have no car but i have bike


Watching this on my phone while at 1% lol


not bad for an amateur

Brent Neves

Hate electric cars, period! Until I saw this honda, the body lines and interior aesthetics are fantastic looking, it's a electric car for non nerds

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9:50 dethpool