The Dos and Don'ts of Being A Scentsy Consultant - What Not To Do When You Become A Consultant

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So, This documentary is

So, This documentary is

Let's be honest here, if that car dealer gave me a loan of 7 year negative interest at 10%, I would buy 100 cars on loans.Very valuable information.So did you trace the call and arrest them?POPE HAVE THE VIRUS THEY LYING ABOUT A COLD.If they die insurance companies gets to keep their monies.

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5:08 wrong,2400 not 24000

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I always pay back early as soon as the pending transactions posted. But my point keeps dropping (although it is still within mid 700s). Why is that? I also have student loan that im paying off monthly. Wonder if it affects my score?


A Debt is a Debt is a Debt........A Mortage is just another debt......Good for you beat the bush


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Man this is a great video why doesn't it have the views of the other ones

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Why be surprised of all this, you call this capitalism! Profits, greed, and the consumer getting screwed without lube.

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India's GDP growth is 4.5% now, for your information.

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Never understood buying any car like this and never driving it.

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Seen Diesel engines way quieter than that box of shite

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Great video Chris. I have watched many of your videos and I learn something every time. Thanks for sharing. P.S. I've been subscribed for a long time but I don't get many notifications on new vidios.

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I use the Rote method, I can technically do other things but that's the one I default to. My one issue it feels like it takes too long.


Better call Saul!!

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They should teach this stuff at school idk y, but I'm currently getting into this buisnees stuff with real estate and all that, I'm still in highschool and live in Milwaukee too, I'm learning how to build wealth so I can move out of here soon.