We are a couple traveling to canada in march.Damn that was an awesome explanation of the hash tablefunction concept.I ended up fucked the car was fucked.3:50 o cara no viu a seta?Too much competition, too exposed to externals like weather, viruses, etc.Okay, not serious about that last one.

"I'd rather have my music career than 60 million dollars".Average cat smarter.Missing one important non-tangible: ownership satisfaction vs renting waste.PbChandru Hotel.On a side note what do you think of auto brokers?

My cable management was cramming all that shit in the hidden compartment of my fantek case.Or am I supposed to leave some balance?Thank you for this.The MR2 kit would have been a little more up to date.I know in Australia a big part of why toys r us online failed was because the postage was astronomical often ending up equal to the cost of the items you were buying and during Christmas periods here before the invention of Afterpay all major department stores offered a Christmas lay-by on the big toy sale in the middle of each year giving you 6 months to pay it off but toys r us didn’t offer this so people went elsewhere.Oh yeah, we paid off our house years ago.

No one Ravi bhai

No one Ravi bhai

That would be fun!Had mine for 7 years not built in China!A Tesla diet lol.However, it's very good, EVEN WHEN NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE MINIGAMES, OR THE SOUNDTRACK, OR THE VIDEO ITSELF!I first saw one in 98.Thank you so much for sharing this info.Our public schools are being driven out of existence by for-profit charter schools.

Wait, you had a theme?

Wait, you had a theme?

Great video, very interesting, well shot, above average audio quality, relevant topic.Thanks for thr education!WIFE AGE 31 SON 10 MONTHS.Man bro I would love to talk to you man!This video inspired me to hack my 3DS XL.Its useful 4 me.Sir, LIC Mai invest kitne RS sai KR skte hai.8:05 got me so hardddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.Key is be factual not emotional.I would not use philips head for wood it will always be hex.

Me claim kar

Me claim kar

Iske viprit city me bahut sare rojgar h or har kam me pement rokar h.It honestly sounds better than the c8 just saying.What is Problem with LIC?Most people don't like insurance companies cuz they think there is no value in it.Does anybody has a tip?


After many many quotes, gocompare no longer seems to be the cheapest site. For a 1.6 mini I was quoted 1.7k as a 20 year old that's had my license 7 months, where as on gocompare 1.4k.

Ben Johnson

Canada lol the banking system is so archaic it makes me laugh , good video though

Kaden Volan

Top 3 MBTs3. K2 Black Panther (South Korea)2. M1A2 SEP (U.S.A.)1. Leopard 2A7 (Germany)

Jackie S.

This is great information Igor.I have lived in Canada all my life. I have been driving for 30 years.It wasn't until I got older thst I realized the type of car I drive made a difference on insurance cost.

Chrid Smith

13:00 isn’t that white dude walking past wearing the same Nike jacket your girl just got you for your bday? Or I’m trippin....

Master of Puppets

did you put the dlc on android?I play asphalt 8 on samsung and i still haven't the dlc

Virian Bouze

When you want the good stuff you go to the smartpeople to get it.

Riccardo makan anghiem

Here in Italy you will never find a working Mx5 at 600 . But we don't have corrosion problem and you will never Fail MOT if you have some light and tyre! XD

yallappa chalavadi

Sr super

Md Siraj

Iran ne sach kahdiya to bura laggaya modi ko

Korey Mayo

There has been a report of a lady driving a 2013 Hyundai Elantra over 1 million miles on the original engine and transmission. Hyundai and Kia are reliable now, but they used to not be years back.

Clint Mayers

This is one of my favorite documentaries!Way to go!I am a filmmaker-in-the-making (have been for several years), and had the same concerns.I even read the books, such as, 48-Laws of Power and so, on.So, this touched my soul!Thank you!You're an inspiration!


Ahh the Hot Start TBM-900 a masterpiece

Tom Chafey

I bet hes not a fun person to work with.

Golden Natural Video

Accessories cheyumo venue breeza any more car base modelmalayalathil

happy dreamer

House ki invest cheste property value 10 years 3 times perugutundi.. so mutual funds kanna property konukkovadam better.. more over ee 10 years house rent kattakrledu..

rajesh tiwari

nice video

vitto dalli

1:07Old game great graphics

James Denton

I've had 2 ep3's they are a great car you can abuse them every day without problems but my current astra vxr has already had problems 3rd 5th 6th replaced and a whole new endcase new bearings with a new diff, clutch, flywheel, slave cylinder

Alhafez Abdullah

Pumdo Wage

Home loan 10ya 15 saal tak MI kyu nahi kattey hai?

Jaskaran Arora

It s easy or so lengthy solution . It's taking so much time .

Joe Bolling

Great, except you decided to use God’s name in vain while explaining the concept. Not sure why that was necessary.

The Original Gamer

Funnier than Titus, and better looking, too.

R.J. Van Houten

Does this guy have any more videos floating around? I went to the profile and there isn't anything even close to this video.

Amit Patel

Sir ji. Aapne yeh nahi bataya ki initial kitane saal pahele karo to pre pay ka benefits hai...jaise ki ten year ki loan hai to first three years me karna chahiye...uske baad karne ka jyada fayada nahi?

Marlon bellamy

Why do all preppers wear camo and hats....however great video thumbs up

Amit Yadav

Guru ji EMI ke liye credit card me minimum balance kitna rahna chahiye

Alex Roop

$200,000 x 3.75% = 7,500, So do you expect to pay $7,500 spread over 30 years?