The car stereo project - Part 1

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Car value ka 6% charge bhi submit krna

Car value ka 6% charge bhi submit krna

I'm soldering lithium-ion batteries to pure nickel tabs with flux and silver bearing solder, I need it to be very sturdy and saw that people use Alcohol for cleaning before applying flux, what do you recommend?They want to charge me 8% and I’m putting down payment 35% of the car value with 36 months.Light kyon itna tez travel karta hai.This guy has an awesome voice.WE NED MORE FOCUS RS CONTENT.

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What a shame

What a shame

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3 car dealers disliked this video xD


Dave reminds me of Steve Jobs announcement...


You are the man to save these great motorcycles.

Devon Cole

That’s the worst spot for your keys to get stuck. Irritating every damn time

Semper Intrepidus

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puja mishra

Hyundai creta interiors explain.and milage run

Chuck Just Chuck

The Sun does BOTH fission n Fusion....

Vinayak Bhat

Great video. I thought the cars in Canada are all left hand side driving. Please post a video on your research of insurance companies.

Keith Walker

I'd never take my kids to this! Not because I'm a prude but I couldn't face the embarassment! )


This happened to me in Salt Lake City, UT. I traded in my 2009 Saturn XR (paid for) for a new Acura. The year was 2013. So my car wasn’t terribly old and only had 38k miles. I was approved and my Apr was 5.9 (I was young so I was still building my credit so my apt seemed high). Signed the papers, got insurance transferred and off I went in A new Acura. Enjoyed the car for two weeks. Got a call, you’re not approved with the terms we signed on. Need to come back and do the papers over at a higher rate. My down payment was my Saturn XR, they gave me around 9k for my car. So I had a healthy down payment. Luckily I knew what they were doing. And I was prepared. I showed up at the dealer. I washed the car before I went to make sure they couldn’t say I abused the car. I presented myself and they took me into the finance office. They asked me to sign papers they had ready when I got there. I asked one question, where’s my Saturn? They said it was transferred to a used satellitelot. I told them I don’t agree to these new terms. (Thing is, I actually as buyers remorse). This worked out in my favor. They said I can’t keep the car unless I sign. I stood up, threw the keys on the desk, and demanded my Saturn. They started to back pedal. Said things like, well... maybe we can keep this deal. I said no, bring my Saturn now.Then they went nuts trying to get me to keep the car and they won’t change the loan. Thing was, I didn’t want the car anymore. I felt like I was biting off more than I could chew. Anyway, by their own words, telling me the loan wasn’t valid, I did what they never expected a young kid to do that just got a fast new Acura, call their bluff. I did get my Saturn back. Left the dealership. Two of the workers stood by watching me in what seemed like pain, as I drive off in my paid for Saturn. They called me a few times. Managers. Asking for a reconsider. But I just ignored it all. Their new car wasn’t so new anymore. It was the Honda/Acura dealer on State Street near the hospital in Murray, a suburb of Salt Lake City. I later purchased a sensible brand new hybrid for 0% APR.

Patrick Johnson

And bit coin didnt help w/ the morgage at all? I wouldnt say that on camera neither in fear of repossession.. Talk about stress.

Sai kumar

Eade meeseva lo apply chayala lada bank lo chayala

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city petrol me konsa variant value for money hai?


So how does an annual inflation rate deplete the purchase power of my deposits/investment? As the people that give currency it's value any rate above 0 hurts us, kind of opposite of the lenders!