The BEST Tries of the Decade! | Part Two

Fords are just terrible.Would i be held liable in the state of florida for selling the legal firework to the kid?Plz dont mind for my suggestion, if u think it is usefull theni will be happy.THANKS, other state il ninnu bullet vangumbol enthu cheyyanam?

If you want to use a handheld device, you can not participate in traffic.Support Bernie fine, but don't loss sight of the Senate and the House.Haha this made my day!Unless of course, this man can legally change his name to a person of color, ie like mine.Wouldn't the ideal director be.Remember: STOP the Breathing START the Bleeding ).

Very excellent people with dedicated works.A truck with a 152hp engine, can you even tow bro?Max Life pe kitana bharosha kar sakte hai sir aur Tata AIA pe kitana.David Mitchell sitting between the giants that are Greg Davies and Richard Osman is funny just on its own.Light turns on when I put a pod in, but it no longer hits.I have been looking at several insurance companies not sure who to go with.GTA 6: Release date 11142022.So far, almost 6 years and 62,000, the car has not had any electrical or mechanical issues.

Avoid all this nonsense

Avoid all this nonsense

Please make a video on that.Y u no have cybertuck.We need the same thing with reading((.Added to StopCrash4Cash as this could be fraud, even if it is not fraud it is deliberately causing an accident.I want to know aboutearly payment for car loan is it good or bad n some details about this.Sir send me personal no.That exact same thing happened to me with Air Canada at MSP.But it put the fear of God in that sales manager that they backed off.Bhai jab ek bari gadi lag gyi to pehle jese kahan hogi.

I've changed my family tree.

I've changed my family tree.

I guess we ain't getting a "whats in my wallet" this month.Great video, it's just amazing how far Li-Po or Li-fe technology has come since this excellent video in a mere three years or so.I’m from brazil and I have and love lowered cars.2 Discipline of the user, often the spending increases for that customer and often they end up maxing out the HELOC, not sure that's good long term either.Sound like A mustang that subaru.I reached them through 1 ( 800-358-2146 ).Sir, namaste New Honda Amaze kaise rahegi Diesel manual me ya fir Dzire diesel le please suggest me, mujhe Honda Amaze bahut passand aa rahi hain top model, maintaince cost kaise rahegi.BANK Authorities please please make your customers aware.29:4 had me DEADDDDDDDD.

I watch this kind

I watch this kind

Hey Doug, you have inspired me to shift focus from my current YouTube Channel that is in Off Grid Solar to something with cars.I use to Repo and they always blamed the bank cause they bought the piece of junk that broke down.Thank you for information it’s help us lot Honoured to sir for this free service.Burger flippin is not a lifetime career xp but thats how society is.My reward game is weak.Zaban kabhi bhi aik state main nahi rehti, tabdeel hoti rehti hai, ghalat ul aam lafz jab communication ka criteria poori karty hon to yeh ghalat nahi rehty.6 of 100 are dead.729 h score kya ye thik hoga chhote loan k liye.

Who else hate that useless cringy

Who else hate that useless cringy

Jhut Bol rha hai Ye mere gaon me 3 jeep hai iski jaisi.Innova criysta available?Njan subscribe cheythittund thirichu ente channelum cheyyyamoo.Mere husband n ek business loan liya hai.Sir good morning.Really admire the way you handled the entitled bunch of drivers there.

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1000 Ka RD 5 sal bar total kitne milenge

Chaichi Yang

Nice information

Kathy Evans

I am heartbroken for this woman and her daughters. I hope she can get good help and support. God bless her.

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in one video you're telling us to use up the credit because it shows "hey this guy needs more credit", now you're saying high utilization is bad for credit score unelss we pay it off daily?im confused

Ryan K

i guess we'll uncover this video in the future and make fun of the fact of how pcs were so bulky, heavy, and slow..."28 cores...yeah, almost the capacity of my shoelaces..."

Pheebs Sun

watching this video at 2018, just amazed at the quality and professionalism of it!

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Tata Indica Vista car dikhao

matthew chau

Currently, 12:46am and I need to write a book report for my sophomore Physics class due tomorrow. Haven't read the book at all! Procrastination at its finest. Don't worry, it'll get done, after this video...unless the gratification monkey decides to do something else.

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Niko such a badass

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What is your accent?

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Hi U N S P E A K A B L E

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which is best in tata or maruti

Steven Howard

Yeah lets use helium because we have loads of that too lol

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Thanks so sir ... love you love too..

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What self drive level could this car achieve? L3 at least? Also how come LiDAR is lame? Make enough redundancy is crucial to vehicle safety and LiDAR is the best way to achieve thus

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Car Service (at Authorised Service Centre)1) Tele Caller (incentive for every booking) Customer is paying to Tele Caller2) Service Advisor (incentive for making unnecessary and fat estimate) Customer is paying to Service Advisor3) Machenic (incentive for recomending additional parts and jobs (for addition to estimate/bill)) Customer is paying to Machenic for recomondation4) Oils Parts (Service Centre has Big margins in every part and oil) Customer is paying to Service Centre.5) Labour Cost (a) Engine Machenic (b) Wheels Machenic(c) Electric Machenic(d) inspection Machenic(e) Wheel Alignment Balance unit Customer is paying to Service Centre6) Govt Tax(a) GST on Labour (on all 5 labours), (b) GST on every Part Oils, (c) Service Tax (18%)(c) Overall GST (18%) Customer is paying to Govt.

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Lic is best

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The onther reason why they have a 99.9% conviction rate is the police can detain people for months at a time and beat confessions out of them.

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IF Sanders gets electedAs a Gen Xer I could retire when Im 55. In 6 years.I own my house, and it will be paid off in 6 years, the year I retire(I own a cabin in Montana too..its paid off). I have an excellent retirement, 401K, and Corporate Retirement packageI pay about $800 a month in insurance for me and my family.My Kid is in his 2nd year of college. I have $130K saved for his college.Here is the thing. If Bernie gets elected I can have my kid take out loans for school, and I can keep whats left of the $130K Ive saved. His tuition will get paid by other people's taxes. I wont need to worry about paying for Health insurance($800 a month saved). My Social Security will go up to about $3200 a month. Social Security, along with my retirement, no more home loans/mortgage, and lower cost of living will make my life easier..and all that crushing cost will fall on Millennials. They will pay the price for it, and we/GenX will reap the rewards. lol screw them.If Trump stays as President Ill keep making money. Lots of it. If Bernie is elected I can still live well off the backs of the Millennials, and Gen Z(or whatever the next gen is called). Win Win


My computer is so close to being able to play the games i want. It’s really frustrating.