Make AmericasGOOD again!These are the things that I love about my Tesla Model 3.What if they have a card with a high limit but don't use it?Make a video on high security number plate.

Please anyone answer i am trying to really get an understanding of this.Profit on one item i.He said my alternator and starter were shot but he'd get the car started and told me it wouldn't run if I turned it off, so I better drive it to his shop.How much weight did it all add.Favorite bit at 6:50.Amazing video, simple basic rules that make total sense.When you pump diesel it's better for the vehicle if you leave it running.If you want to buy that nice sports car.

Now my lawyer wants to settle for $8,000 and to me that is not fair.I have a T430s that I bought 2 months ago with an i7dual core 4 thread.Tata magic ka insurance kaise hota hai.Not a single car (as in sedan, coupe, convertible or hatch) on the list.Two weeks into his flu he had a long awaited appointment to see a a new Dr.I saw a alligator.Just because she had poor credit doesn't mean she's don't pay her bills on purpose or is a bum or whatever.My heart goes out to that young man and I hope that he pulls through.Kollam pwoli sadanam.

And if so will I be

And if so will I be

I hope you're right about Japanese cars, I was pissed to see the price for a Nissan GT-R R32 spike in only 4 years, the car is out of my price range now the only way for me to buy one is to buy a beat up one with over 100k miles and then dump a significant amount of money for repairs and restoration.Kya aap iska course karva sakte hai.Where we have to invest.After all this, I think i'm done with caring about politics.Why bank charges GST on included interest on EMI.The Edmunds app and website have just about all the information you need, including expert and owner reviews.This is a man Kejriwal called a BJP stooge and accused of blocking half his initiatives.

I have got to meet his son lol.Hi small correction,EMI means "Equated monthly Instalment" not Equal monthly InstalmentBANKER.Is there going to be a channel called Less Doug Demuro too lol.This guy is more full of shit then a Christmas goose.This was such a great show!Bro nade kothagudem a I have honda amaze top end ne cruise control video ke kavalantey chpu vastha.

So long as it

So long as it

Cant thank you enough for shedding light on this one.Ebay forced a lot of little people out too by forcing us to cover shipping costs for the buyers, which made us in a situation where we were competing with China.For those who have the discipline, I feel it's worth at least bringing into consideration.Register after 31.Sir plz repayment and option and charges ke bare main bataye.The key has an immobilizer.

T expert on 1-325-261-3498

T expert on 1-325-261-3498

Check out the dealers.At least it isnt 1.What packages on the cayenne turbo would you not skip out on?Don’t cancel card 1 or 2 for sure.Sir samacharaniki 10000 la leka nela ki10000 la.You can do it Bernie!Two of my fav people!He should have said Dummy. every time they start to speak.

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I pumped my own gas in Jersey,July of 2019

Michele A SantaMaria

Fabulous! You have simplified it in such a direct manner that anyone can understand. Thank you for teaching it in an uncomplicated and swift manner!

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50 lakh outsiders from Bangladesh, Orissa, bengal etc etcKerala will be the next Assam soon by seeing the immigrants

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asphalt 8 is the best

Worx By Dre

The guy from the Verge seems more knowledgeable about building a computer than Linus does right now....


i followed to code perfectly but i get so many compiler errors cn u help me?


Doug the type of guy who goes to racetrack with hummer


1:02:52 The shop that painted my car failed on the rockers.


I am an off lease inspector and inspect cars at the end of lease for large finance companies.From what 90% of the customers tell me, it's not about being flashy or not wanting a a used car so they can be debt free, it's the repairs !! People do NOT want to deal with repairs !! So they lease every 3 years cause the vehicle is under warranty aside from the regular maintenance.What's the usual repair cost for a used, 5 year or older, paid in full, car? Depending on male and model, About $2k - $2.5k a year? In this guy's case, $200 a month for a lease (must be a cheap compact) is roughly the same amount for a new car with a warranty vs a used car with yearly repair costs.Please understand, if you get a used high line German or British car, you will be way over $2500 a year.Those are high maintenance vehicles. Honda, Toyota products, even Acura/Lexus are very reliable and not so much in repair costs.

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It should’ve had a Barra put in it.

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Thanks for the content mate

Teng Yuan

we dont want to turn the auto industry into health care industry. everybody shuts up.


I wish some big powerful personality could provide security to this man.. He is truthful and honest, he rised his voice against Bjp,now they wont leave hm... ripjudgeLOYA

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hi i am ur subscriber i want to purchase n use cruze plz provide me your comments

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X box has one good game, and that's forza which isn't better than Gran Turismo


I was helping a friend find a plug-in station maybe 8 years ago and it is something you have to figure out. When I got my ev I never planned to recharge outside the house so I never even got set up for it - but these days another couple of years later with a different ev I now use an app on my phone using NFC it beeps to communicate with the charging station.It's just something you learn and then you get used to it.In general I can plug in at home though to get all the charging I need normally.

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In addition to the point Dave said about most taking the standard deduction and spending interest to avoid sending money to the government...INTEREST paid goes down the longer you pay on your mortgage. Toward the end of the life of your mortgage, your not paying enough interest anyway! Other bad advice is to go buy an expensive vehicle (with debt) for your business to write it off on your taxes. Dumb!

girish chandra


Joy Sri Ram

Post office rd best


Last video game played : shenmue 3

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Gta PolitenessNiko: bumps sorry :)Trevor: bumps GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY BITCH