The Best And Most Versatile Survival Rifle (HD)

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Great videos. Definitely going to checkout you courses since I program mostly s1200's with tia 14

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How did you deal with transferring the tax book? With only a day in between you wouldn’t of had it back. Always wondered how people do it.Cheers

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Landing is very slow

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which one I should buy maruti ciaz or Fiat Linea

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hi jason can you please do a review 2018 honda civic hatchback sport touring?thanks

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Bike par

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,,, 2006 2nd hand ok 13 ? ?

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She says second hand vehicle as if it’s a bad thing. Yeah, please buy a new vehicle. Take that 25% loss from driving it off the lot. Pay that 3K in sales tax. Then sell that puppy to someone smart for the pay off 2 years later because you can’t make the payment anymore. Congratulations. Someone smart just got a relatively new truck for half price.


I wish I knew all of this before I was handed a phone by my mom and politely talked to a woman whom I later found out was with the other driver's insurance company. "Hello Ms. Gabrielle, how are you?" "I'm okay." I politely lied as I was still in the ER struggling to fill out paperwork I couldn't understand. I also told her my social security number. If this ever happens to me again, I'll know better than to assume the person on the other end of the line isn't going to take my politeness and good faith and use it against me. We shall see how it turns out this time. The ER doctor told me that I have a cervical strain and something or other. I'd never heard of it, but when I asked him if it was "whiplash" you should've seen him cringe. You live and you learn. I guess a synonym for a common injury with rear-end collisions has become a dirty word.

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Robert Greene sent me here basically.