Test Drive - 1991 Toyota Chaser 2.5L Turbo - Japanese Car Auction

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Your house, retirement, investments, children's college funds,

Your house, retirement, investments, children's college funds,

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I give my clients an entire "sales presentation in print" plus more, plus I reveal my best practices not only on this video but the other FAQ videos. We also have an entire training system called "Leads to Deeds: The Secrets to Persuasion Influence with Sellers" which has a complete in home presentation tool. I also have a library of 100's of actual seller calls I have done which I share plus a series of training calls on every aspect of dealing with sellers on the phone and in the home.

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Any tips for AZ? I’ve failed twice and my third attempt is this Friday

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Americans we are overweight fat asses that education is sadly lacking and common sense is non existent... who the hell have any of these morons driving license


I rebuilt mine using a Capital One secured card.