Tesla Model 3: 10 Facts You Probably Didn't Know

What's up with the 3 series.He supposedly a pro but can't even repair a small ding with touch up paint.He he he 2x good luck pag ikaw nasagi ng electric bike na walang pang bayad sorry ka nlang.

That being stated the atlas looks friggin sweet.Why does this channel teach about financial literacy but have constant ads for ponsy schemes?6 164 at 24 years old, can't wait to be 25 so my insurance won't be affected by my age as much.His system isnt designed to offset the electric bill, nor is it designed to fulfill of of his electrical WANTS.Thanks for putting Jim on.United bravo py b video bnao.

BUT DOES THE CAR HAVE A FRIDGE.I live in New York.Sir 2 varsha ayitu5 Mutual fund 2000 5 aadaru yenu Invest madidevu aaste untu,Nivu heluva lekkachar kelalu tumba channagiratte, aadare ground nalli berene iratte.Kis par warranty period mentioned hota hai.If you understand Hindi it's more funnier.

So, for calculations

So, for calculations

Another questions comes to mind about this video--even though the video is over 2 years old.Neither does the dealer.Helpful video sir.The rest is PROFIT FOR THE DEALER, financingis adding insult to injury.Please If somebody takes this video seriously, dont ever buy any french car.Don’t waste your time entering all your info 5 times till you realize it won’t work.DO NOT EVER TAKE OUT A "PAY DAY" LOAN!Maybe she works in the medical or dental profession because when she spoke on that video it sounded like she had swallowed some helium!This video is much better in 1.

I will say what a terrible

I will say what a terrible

UR WHeEL iS ON tHe WRonG SiDE.Sakta hai to kaise milega." Made me giggle there.Does anyone know the reasoning behind having these 2 motors as options for the Sonata?Hame dakuments deye hue 15 din ho gye or 2bar sir be aa giya photobe liy gi kb tak paymentsaa gaye ga.Congrats, you are truly an Inspiration!Hopefully your in the UK sometime!It was very complicated with my poor English.And i don't have to tell you what that means.

Rick Holman

19 seconds in and that is the worst traffic person even. I mean...how lazy. Get your dumbass out there and put the freaking sign up. I hope they went after your company for poor traffic manangement

Andy B

I don't remember how I found this video, but I'm glad I did! This is great method - does a much nicer job than the nightmare patches I've done in the past. It almost makes me want to put some holes in the wall to celebrate.

Anne Moja

Very practical. Thank you so much !

ronnie bass

piece of damn junk, i'll keep my 94 toyota celica, much more reliable

vinayak bakale

Isse accha tum honda jazz he lete

Rajneesh Kumar Patdra

Insurance to add ki nahi


I have a doubtI'm going to bay a bike and i have 70% of that's value I am missing 30% of that price can i get loan for that 30% money????

rich l

I "upgraded" to a platinum version after using the regular for 20 years... and the damn thing tells me that I am in RPN mode all the time.I know that.Can I delete the annoying display, but have the calculator in normal RPN mode?


I’m paying just about 8-900 for my jaguar. I’ll gladly find myself a used tesla

Awesome talk, speech or whatever you want to call it. I am listening this at midnight and couldn't sleep without finishing it. When Harsha speaks, one could keep on listening. Thank you very much Harsha ji and thanks to the uploader -:)

rashpinder singh

Nhi open hoya bhai

Clair Jacob

I can't hear anything

Mike Walker

Gagan sir, I haven't learnt driving yet. So thats why I want to purchase second hand car for the very first time. Is it good to buy a Sedan car like Honda City or Swift Dzire, if I get it around 3Lacs (around 2010 Model)? Actually I personally hate Hatchback cars. Please suggest if it is good to buy second hand Sedan car first?

Eloise Freeman

I received a call the other day Indian chap claiming to be from BT, he started by saying it wasn’t a sales call , but had I noticed my broadband kept going slow. I said no, it was working very well and he said ok good bye, couldn’t get off the phone quick enough. I clocked what it was straight away but I worry for my parents. Unfortunately as soon a I hear an Indian accent I’m on my gard which I know is unfair on decent hard working Indians.


Moral of the channel: avoid dealerships.

Nan Wilder

What a sexist A-hole!

Albano Leo Ehrenbrink

Please, make a video about your purchase, your experience. Like, I bought a 2013 model S XX kWh by USD XX, which means half of the price of a new one. The autopilot that I have is XX and the changes in model S occurred at the years 20xx with the enhanced autopilot, 20xx with the HW 2 and 20xx with Simon.In the last 12 months, I run XX miles and have these issues with the car. The customer service was good/regular and the cost of repair was USD XX...And remember, when you free the data, your mind will follow. Thanks!

Sreejith Pn

Himmat s charan

I saw you yesterday in jaislmer.

Rapp 1128

Can you try different brands of cabinet paint? Test durability, stain resistance, etc.