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Really good video.My next car will be a Tesla.Don't re build in wood, climate is just going to get worse.

Who tells you that inflation rises compoundingly.I have 2 dealers both have a set Money factor of.That clock though.They check your valves, sensors through scan.And will dealer deliver the vehicle even if I don't have a insurance?I was looking for this information.What is the difference between a gov job and a private job in Canada.

This channel has gone down hill.

This channel has gone down hill.

Last time I checked those parts are not for sale except if you are a certified collision center.That's the reason why I started learning more about personal finances and taking advantage of them instead of them taking advantage of me.Am I the only one who giggled at the "way too much" joke?And that’s why most people are scared.Thank you sir ji.

Sir your contact number.

Sir your contact number.

Have a good day.You keep a phone number on file to be contacted when this happens and other security questions, etc.Peruin cooler Ni Oru lusu kothi.This video will teach you steps to buy family health insurance from policybazaar.How could anyone buy a car and make payments for a thing that is going down in value, you should save for a car and pay cash for it, this man shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone!GZionCurrency’s is on the way.How did you come up with this?

Pay off the mortgage on the house.Being cheap (not frugal, CHEAP) and parsimonious and not sharing with others, is not.Especially when they show up and as soon as they see the dead body, an Hispanic one I think, yells out oh my lord!If so, what do you think of them?This is what I picked up today local merchant pizza place  gift certificate  Capital 1 venture cardgift card  Home depot,  bottle water and a Milky way  used Capital1 venture card.Yes, if you borrow money as a landlord I would wanna see how well you repay but if you don't borrow at all that should be a huge plus.He is correct which ever going down that u have to sell, that I agree with him, 300 suzlon 2 rs, r power 450 is 2 rs, pnb 400 rs know 46fully Courrpted bank,10to 20 govt psu company are falling knife I think all will become mtnl.

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Amazing Tutorial. with so much ease.

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omg explaining this to me just made you super sexy!!


Nice video, more than I expect. Thank u so much Sir

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Doug I like al lot of your videos and I subscribe to your video and comment and like the video



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The ram looks great u should put airbags


Rip this car

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The last time I went to a dealership (went to 2 a few Saturdays ago), I left both dealerships empty-handed. I returned no calls. I stopped replying to any texts. One of the dealers were trying to get me to trade my car in and lease a brand new Subaru. I told him twice I wasn't interested in leasing. He kept trying to get me to go up there to talk about leasing and I just didn't want to be bothered with it anymore. I gotta give him props, though. He very easily reminded me of why I hate dealerships.

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Asphalt 8 is best

AS Indian


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Maruti wale sabse bade chor hain. Jaldi he patan hoga maruti ki ghatiya gadiyo ka

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please upload more video like this

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Best advice on youtube. Thanks helped me a lot. You’re the best

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LOL, I think that Dodge is probably a European car too, isn't it a rebadged Fiat? Regarding used cars my research shows Hondas and Toyotas are overpriced but there may be a sweet spot with Hyundais

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Nike shoes are pure crap and made by slave labour. Never again!


In gta vice city stories when a police is fighting a pedestrian, and you kill the pedestrian you won 50 bucks!!!!!

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This guy is really obnoxious..

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Your explanation is awesome!

Deleesh manuel



You changed my family tree...thanks Dave!



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2 one time I watched a movie he was in

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Sikat Sa kalsada wala namang pambili Ng pagkain, medical, etc pero OK Lang. Magkapera pagnakavictima ng scam!!!