Mark went to Portugal a few years ago, and had a concert in Lisbon.I hated the cops in GTA V the most.Organik come in the videos so turned.Please give informations.

The biggest problems with blockchain-Not user friendly-No way to really undo mistakes or fraud other than getting every miner in the world to agree to undo transactions-No real reason to change over because everything kinda works fine the way it is nowSo you have to assume maybe only 30% or so of the global economy will express itself in blockchain.Thank you so much!(100 kWh)Pure madness!The son needs to send the repo man after his dad.Your computer will be stop work.Rice and beans for 100 years.How about various apps present these days for starting investment.

7% for 60 months!Keep up the great work.Why is the license plate chrisfix when its on sale.Allah pak hamesha tum ko salamat rakhe.I don’t trust electric impacts sorry.I wrecked my vehicle this morning on 94 by the 131 interchange I owe 21000 left on my loan I have gap insurance I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance company if they're going to total my vehicle out.You talk about fair, But get 100k for a breast implant?The difference is they had to do it you want to do it.Offered me to stay in Vegas for 199Tax for 3 nights.

Loan settlement la process kyaa h.Smh dam I felt this one.People should realize how insanely positively honest law enforcement is too!The gov't put a bond on the chors brothers pmln nawaz,and shabaz that SC removed,only shows that SC judges are part of the currupt Mafia 's,thus,then can retired to USA,from a poor country like Pakistan!Heres my:Quick question.2006 model je santro Red colr je 60000 rupes jeha ja na Sir jewats number9780136003 je.Share the BS with the whole world so others are better informed of what to expect.By far the most humble and easy to understand and watch YouTuber.Sir, please give some advice where can I appeal as my bank has charged 50 k interest during moratorium period and not granting my MBA loan as educational loanThanks regards,ChittaranjanOdisha.

I'm only 20 btw.

I'm only 20 btw.

Only 100 mi range!Dunno if I can mention the name, I have to go over their BULLSHIT contracts a few more times.OIC nay pehlay he kaha tha k Kashmir Issue April main consider ho ga.You know that it has got serious when they have to bring in Anthony.Mines tomorrow and I'm honestly feeling really confident.2nd hand car 2 to 4 years.

Shankar A

Nice, finally we see a real racing and good looking apache..

HR Records

Gaadi main bullbar bumper laga sakte hai ya nahi suna hai wo law pass nahi hua ab dobara bumpers log laga rahe hai

Ramington Steel

"Dave i have a question hoping that I'dchange your mind about credit"


Its funny how guys wont buy a super car with high miles but they will marry a women with high miles that many other men put on her pu$$y.

Su Gu


Topsey Kretts

..i would love to Pimp my Ride...really enjoy watching this, thankyou GCN...

Najeeb Memon

very righly said Najeeb sb, BTW I am also Najeeb

Logan Eichelberger

Your copilot attitude indicator is in a left bank while on the ground.3:55 for example.

M ali M ali

Is bkwas dramy ka end ho jna chye abb

Lord Random

Taking tips from a guy that spent 10k buying a fked up BMW E36, lol


i like that the advert has an advert progress bar

kids tech

Japaanes tal pakistani wagon r nhi phonchsktaa

Nekid Snek9000

Making three protagonists was the worst thing.

William Mount

Great Video ..Dr Mount


2 person job engine cover but save half a pound on paint. That's Italian logic for ya.

The Creativist

What you need to consider is that is that the only way you can see profit when you buy a house is if you sell it, in which case, you no longer have a house and it would have been better to rent!

Ali Yasin

Mera rab kisi jagah ya kisi ki tareef ka mohtaaj nahe


Kind of killing the mood telling the audience not to clap. They're exited, not applauding his performance


Does anybody know the name of the song in 18:32 ?, Ireally love it.

Gurpreet Singh


Jhannyn Lightfoot