Subaru Crosstrek Review! | 1 year of ownership...

These school boy techs think they know everything just because they let the school dick them out of thousands of dollars and didnt teach them shit.Wow nicely explained.He means what he says and says what he means.

Shame on custom chors.Listening to it when studying chemistry.If not, use a local bank, never ever a buy here pay here!Lagta hai naib ki nazr is bandy pr parh jani itni mehngi cars ya to koi smugler le sakta ya to phir diamonds ka business krny wala.Inflation 6% hai and savings account mein 3 % return milta hai.This nigga really just wastedlike a minute talking about locks, like dude we just wanna hear the beast roar.That's why car dealers are called a "stealership".I’m confused if I need to claim them as tenants or if I can claim them as cost-share occupants.

A minute and a half in, and no brake checks gone wrong.If you can find a CD or a Bond (insured) that paid higher than the mortgage rate, THEN this is a good idea.Cannot hear your voice properly.I get anxiety just thinking about the thousands of things that could go wrong and you are all alone.You should have got him to do a DNA test to see if he knows your mother ).

  I was

  I was

For my car, over a 60 month period I will have paid a total of about $3.We used to have a leaf that we gave back at the end of the lease due to no cooling and we also have a volt now.The law in my home state heavily favors the insurance companys.Why are businesses allowed to do this but not individuals.Take and eat it ha ha ha ha ha her career ended there lmao.Is this flight a G-job to pick up your computer, or did you have passengers going to Tampa as well?You should encourage viewers to go for a cleaner greener vehicle.I am a 35 year retired insurance agent.I hate the name financial advisors have now because the people who have hurt our image by being so focused on sales and thinking they knew what they were doing because they went through a training program at an insurance brokerage place with the name financial planning as a cover up to get into people’s wallets.This was the most easiest video.

Hey Scotty I can

Hey Scotty I can

My assumption is that we can not drive the car out of showroom without any insurance.Omg It has only been 2 hours and you got 6.Great explanation, simple yet connecting all the dots to understand the concept.This doesn't make any sense.Kamina math padha raha hai.In the USA they do similar scams.Need you help and guidance as dealer cheated me and sold me repainted car :(I have purchased New car from Nexa Maruti from Bangalore, while taking vehicle when i was doing inspection i found dust particle with paint one part of vehicle next to Driver side door area and multiple scratchesthen i reported same to dealer, but dealerlots its not repaint its just dust particle will go off post wash while coming for 1st service,dealer is in familyrelationship, i trusted on him and his word that "Car is not repainted", Next day when i was doing cleaning i found more scratched and paint spray dots on rear bumper light and wheel, then i visited Maruti authorized service center and requested himto check vehicle, Engineer confirmed that vehicle repainted multiple partsThen i reported the same to Dealer and complained to Nexa customer care and send emailto dealer with all proofs.

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rents go up, mortgages don't and even withrent control there is usually a 3% cap Remember investors buy houses to rent out, what do they know that financial advisors don't


four fourty what... this poor dumbass customer is so fucking lost he thinks a $580 a month payment is a good deal.... scammers...Oh... $580/month is only costing you $134 a month to drive it..... maybe $134 to pay the repo man to tow it outta the driveway 8 months later steveie ya scammer

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these tips are great! thanks for sharing!

Micael Mota

Hey, can I repost this with my voice in portuguese?


Doug...I like the way you explain every detail in a car


Re-check offside for dents fellas, and massive curbing on nearside wheels!. Glad your ok jack