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Is that the most powerfull?Good job on the channel brother, love to see us car channels get well deserved attention."Mitchell just shut the fuck up".It was a really weird moment for me.Thank you so much for this.But he's always been a grumpy curmudgeon and while I find that endearing, it puts a lot of people off!

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Nammal extra payment

Nammal extra payment

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Golddddd digggggeerrrrrrrr


FINAL CUT FOR THE WIN!!! and bitwit is crying in the corner because he users an inferior piece of software :D

Umesh Bhaght

Sir how to pay my loans full stlment indubull dhani app sir i hope your new video this problem Slatution

Diwakar Prasad

Bhai plz koi reply kare.Zero depp hamesa ke liye khatam ho jaega kya.Sirf ek bar claim karne se

Terrence Gold

car retails for maybe $1000.00 on a sunny day. wholesale is what? 200bux? lol


the bit with Joe's poem still kills me

w m

I strongly disagree with your review of the Weber grills. I just returned my Weber grill due to several issues. My grill was garage kept never left outside, even so I had paint peeling of the cook box and frame. The wheels cracked and fell apart, only moved on a smooth concrete floor. I am not alone with these problems. Check the reviews on Home Depot etc. My grill was a high level grill. Today I purchased a new Bull brand grill. IMO nothing Weber makes can come close. Bull uses 100% 304 14 gauge stainless steel and the price is less than a comparable Weber in all stainless steel.Many of the Weber high end grills use stainless steel only in the most visible parts. But the base cabinet which is where it’s most needed Weber still uses painted steel. At least they could powder coat the steel. The end caps of the side shelves are now plastic, used to be cast aluminum.And the word is certainly getting out, I read many reviews of unhappy Weber customers and I was one of them. Thanks to Home Depot I don’t own this grill anymore!

thalhah mohammed

Great Job Mr. Rohit

SatIshbhai Kapdiya


Isn’t it ironic that Doug and Jay talk exactly the same?

Joe danero

The trim stripe transition onto the front clip on the drivers side turned out horrendous. 1:21:07The entire job was great to watch. Sat through the whole hour and 20 mins.It was well filmed and very detailed for a promo video. They probably used to sell it on VHS for $40 in 1990.

Randy Robinson

Doesn’t everyone know this ?