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10% and every six month changing then what would be emi and interest and Principal figures.Thanks very much - very useful - appreciate your free help.Apparently I have two year left.Good lesson and understood well.If i have 35 Columns data then how can i create this?I've been selling my stuff for 5 years now.

Not really interested in 3 million pound sports cars.Thank you so much, you explainthe process in detail and clear!This video is not for sleep.I thought this car is cheaper on a monthly basis.I’ve never seen this guy in a movie.

I went to the dealership with a cashier's check from my bank.Sir kya PMSP account hone pr prossesing fees lgega ya nhilgega.That is why stalin cleverly made an exhit after meeting vijayakanth.Sir mujhe 100000 rupaye ki jarurat hai.They never want to invest in a simple, cheap niche product.You buy a brand new car and keep it for 20 years and do not care if the car depreciates or not.It looks to me as you went through on amber as you were close to lights.No way is he going to be Dem nominee.18:35 dafreak was that?

Mine had to be submitted

Mine had to be submitted

People say that electric cars are great because they make no noise well you see that the reason I love cars the noise.Very interesting.5 Sal puts hone par 5 lakh ka kitna milega.Shame on Arabs, s d shame on Muslims overall.Two are not that visible.

Thanks for lecture, how much is a Subaru Forester 2016.How about General Electric.80,000$, naw more like $$$ against the environment.China market is down from so long.Just leased a new civic and agreed on $375 a month.Inner sprocket um wheel sprocket um size koottiyalo?I will be coming with wife and kids.PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT BRO.Hi Bob: Thank you for your tutorials they are helpful.

I see that the stingray is much cheaper.3:43 was the drivers fault.Thing about it is that most payment are not spead during the month, you actually got to pay most bills within the first week if not get a late fee or even afect your credit.Some of those buildings were hit by an F5!New cars have a fixed price advertised nationally now, it's not like the past where you could play with dealer profits.Wish we could get a full size Ford sedan with a V8 in the states but I guess as far as Ford goes the Eco-boost twin turbo 6 Taurus SHO is most power we get,SHO is cool but it’s not the 5.Esa moto es genial.If Alan Watts and Jordan Peterson had a baby and it taught at Stanford, I imagine he'd be a lot like Bill Burnett.One of those 16TB drives is $400.

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Awsomesauce... I do have a tip for some.. If you have lets say 3k for a down payment.. Find a cheapo car for lets say 800 on craigslist.. buy that car.. then Find a dealer that does those crazy trade in offers like push tow or drive we give you 3k for your down payment with a trade in.. Go to them with the 800 dollar car.. Pick a car from their lot (or if they dont have the car you want tell them what you want and they can prob get it from another dealer for you) Use the 800 dollar car as the 3000 dollar trade in special they have.. THEN on your first payment.. Drop the remaining 2200 as a payment.. This puts instant collateral in your loan which lowers your debt to total loan value, and increases your score, and your technically 5k ahead.. 3k from the trade in and 2200 fro the cash you dropped. All because you used the system against itself.

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It's an honour to listen to such a gifted player share the love of his instrument. Who on earth are the 2.2k idiots who disliked this. Their loss. When he kisses the Les Paul...well it's a beautiful moment. Thank you Mr.Knopfler.


chat really just gon lie to him like that :( you can do heist preps in friend sessions


I love your videos, and I'd like you to add subtitles in Spanish as it makes me a little hard to understand everything.

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yellow cream in a cap does not necessary mean a cylinder head problem it can be condensation in cold climate

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Sir, you have given beautiful analysis of home loan instalments and benefits of prepaid loan amount. Thanks for sharing this beautiful information.

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So sad That we pay so much on interest, and after you buy the house and sell it, someone else will have to do it all over again.

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Great idea

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Hope you consider test driving Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1750 turbo soon

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Is there no English sub, n pls some shld tell me d title, english

Michael Orra

nice bro

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Lot of smoke here with no numbers. Good luck.

fiaz bhai

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Wat is da name of da book


Tunnel sound realism comparison I'd have to give it plus everything else to forza

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Hi, can you tell me what the best utilization would be for two cards? One is $500 and the other card is $200. Do you keep each card under 10% or do you add the cards together and stay under 10% from the total of both cards? This is so confusing to me having two cards. Thanks!