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But of course, everyone will pile up on my comment claiming that im paid by Maruti with no reliable proof that only because my truth is not in line with your opinion.He has since passed away and her spend and responsibility rates are stellar!Sir Maine purani car kharida tha Lekin Mai ek saal thak insurance ownership transfer nahi kar Liya tha but gadi ka ownership transfer kar Liya tha.Insurance k liye samprk kre.I missed the huge gains to be had in the late 90s, but caught the huge tech crash.PbDhiman Biswas.Is it "Real Shit Car" now?Why not just move to mudslide, volcano, hurricane alley?

You have been putting out information for free and I must say that's the awesome work you're doing.Bhaiya ye Bumper to Bumper insurence konsi catagori main ata hai?They fire you for doing things like leaving the toilet seat up they are so strict!

All these days I struggled learning vlookup and Bam I know how to use it now.Per oder it will take half hour minimum pick up and delivery if you work long hours like 12 hours u will get 500 around after petrol and Chai pani sham bike Ka maintaince upar se.Don't blame Coolage for the people's culture of faith over reason.Pace equipment is no good without brains behind the tool.Model S or Model 3?

How will I be able to verify this income or should I cosign this loan with my father who has a great credit score?WhyWhatHow, more pressing need at the time is not for faster than light communication.You are scrolling the text to fast I get to the 2nd line and it flips to the next paragraph.I've got a Corsa 1.Each time he touched his nose his voice became heavier, slower n ever boring.

How can I

How can I

And like I said on another comment 10,000 miles and I have spent nothing on fuel maybe I’ve spent $10 on electricity because I have solar.I know how to use basic excel but never came across these formulas.I clicked on the link above and ended up using the services of "Auto Credit Express".Wer or you from bro if you don't mind me asking you.10 thousand hours is piece of joke.

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Love you sir

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brilliant talk

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Fix it again Tony


absolutely brilliant.

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Chris Fix: This is how you do it andyou can do it by your self FOR FREEMechanic: Why is no one here I am the best mechanic it is not like i can not fix a car. By the way your the best keep up the good work

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Very nicely explained. Thanks

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Hey sujith chetta how are you??? Nice, chetta I did tell you that Porsche macan is my favorite compactluxury SUV. MY most favorite non luxury compact SUV is the Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve AWD mazda Porsche. My favorite big suv is going to be BMW X5 M50i Xdrive. Then second is going to be Porsche Cayenne. ANYWAY chetta enjoy EVEN though this is an old one since I saw a bit of your live video. This is me dileep.

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Data waly jhoty log hai.nomber both hai par sub band hai

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If you could tell us what that bla bla bla is ?

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What was your CSR score and how much time did it take for you for ECA completion? What about referrals and fees and all?

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I'm confused... if you'd save money on monthly expenses purchasing a house VS. paying rent, wouldn't you be more financially able to pay down debts? Your debt number would be higher, but paying off your other loans would go faster you're quality of life would be theoretically better...

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...which is jhust ah bhit... I love that accent

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Ye bahut galat hai ki dusra koi mujhe cheque dete hai aur wo bounce ho jate hai to mujhe charge dena parta hai....bahut na insaafi hai....isme mere keya kasoor?