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You noticed Jay was not bidding.Good job and your videos very helpfull.Very valuable information.Hf deluxe bike ka Insurance Kar vana ha ek saal Ke kitne rupye lagega.And in Fakta del 8, SSB.

He likes to ask people their birthdays,

He likes to ask people their birthdays,

Is that risky or totally we have to avoid it, what's your opinion, please guide Sir.Just the mere fact that it was still in working order, still powered and complete with the decals written in Ancient language was enough to get someone amazed, but Gengis and Dummieson didn’t pay much attention to that.Yet probably 90% of the population is worried about the virus, and this is something that will not impact the lives of most people in this country.Really interesting stuff.KTM rc 200 bs6 ka review karoge kya ktm ki koi bhi bike.I would imagine when the judge starts asking questions it could lead to some jury bias against one party or the other.But I'm a big junkie when it comes to tv series like friends, scrubs, big bang theory and what not.

They had him on a payment plan like

They had him on a payment plan like

Thank you for helping me come away from ignorant insurance usage running on auto-pilot.I will get another appraisal done in 3 years deliver that as a continuation of the certified value of the car.Css, the nav bar looks stacked, does not lay in a row, why?Thanks for your tutorials!What are you doing?

Innocence is strength.

Innocence is strength.

Could you introduce a bit of air near the top to burn some of the gases there, or slip a can down inside to let the air heat up before it gets to the top to burn the gases?But if cryptos aren't your thing, and you'd like to become rich fast you should start a business!I get the "how long" and "how much time" a lot.Hy sirAgar Main Apni car ke liye zero depreciation cover leti hu to Kyafhir bhi TP insurance Lena compulsory hota hai."It's only illegal if we get caught" - typical american company.

I've scrapped cars

I've scrapped cars

Indian ke rajnete gande ha.Does any of Insurance policy may be it is zero debt or comprehensive covers stolen accessories claim?I like u and u r chaanal bro.I am Lic advisor Any details Call me 9619811528 mumbai circle.90% Of these are just like posters that say vice city or something.


Greetings from California. Well, it's true what they say. "You learn something new everyday". Thank you fine sir for your video, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will like and subscribe. Good day Sir.



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Sir sbi m onroad m mil jata h loan includes insuranceregistration?


Lol watching this again now and all the the bits about Trump were just plain wrong

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Who the heck is going to use JFrames in the era of webservices?

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18 months, no tickets in 15 years , no accidents , no claims .. my score was 9/10..then it went up to 10 a perfect score... they claim the way you drive determines the score.. mymonth note 112.. then it goes up to 154 no reason.. I called asked they said my driving determine my rate.. Im a perfect 10.. then the service agent admits that it really doesn't.. go to BBB website and youll see that its all a big fat lie!! Read what the company states.. basically bait and switch!! They offer low rates to hook you then find a BS reason months or years later to raise your rates or no reason at all..

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How does the File Server determine if the Token is correct? You say that it just decrypts, but when It decrypts, what check it does?

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Very informative video which can be used to take a call

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Hey guys, quick suggestion, try to compare the engine on your truck with the one of the 2020 RAM, they might look similar but perhaps the 2020 is a newer generation (new engines sometimes change the internal cooling routes and all the outlets), this could mean that the entire cooling system, radiators, intercooler, condenser/ac lines, and everything is different. So there might be some of those systems that you can improvise, but it is easier if you make the comparison first and then sketch your impros.

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the most easy to understandVideo and important daily used excel functions, excellent way of describing and Precise.

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No mention of tax on return? Does the return fetch tax or not?


14:30 that hair paint! wife and kids look thrilled lol!

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50% agree hun lekin ager aapke pass ache paise hai to achi car lo yaar ek he life enjoy ker lo bus itna dhyan rakhna ki ager jo bi car lo aapki pocket ko pta bi nahi chalna chahiye

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0:36 Idiot of the month


haha Dougi never had a new car in my life, so i guess any more than 4 cylinder Mercedes will freak me out and i wont enjoy's a matter of perspective. if you're a multimillionaire, 1 million dollar car is not a big dealit's not a joke, a new dacia sandero is a dream in third world with 300 dollar paycheck a month...