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Thank you for making this, and please keep it up forever!I had taken it to a dealer's body shop one of their recommended ones.Beautifullll detailed explanation.If I pay 500 more i will shave off almost 12 years and save 144k.Well, there is "insurance" and there is "roadside insurance (towing, out of gas, flat tire, etc)".The corrections on every single aspect about the floor had me cracking up.Thank you Sr olleya mahiti.Wow but that janed.

I need to get a 2nd job.What song is at 7:23?Investments are never guaranteed.Excellent explanation.The most helpful video.Shitty advice never lease, go ask Dave Ramsey.What is Google's motive here?

Lease is 3 yrs which is perfect.Let's say our prayers for the CLIO owner and hope she will get home safely if the car can make it that far.I understand the difference in savings but in reference of credit?Na Mai wahabiNa Mai baabi.I’m 21 year old and I pay $505 full coverage for a Nissan Sentra 2015 anyone know some cheap insurance to recommend?

At least a paint brush and Dawndish washing liquid.25:10 so you havent played persona?Lol insurance totaled my car.I do appreciate you.Sounds dumb to me.Okay,you were supposed to ignore this particular frame.LMFAO this guy is having an orgasm talking about him self spraying paint.

I still like the older tail lamp than the new one.Just massage aaya hai.In my experience it usually takes several months during any crisis situation before things stabilize and return to something approaching normal.What makes one way to calculate more right then another?It only returned the first line because of the match.Sit down behind the wheel and slowly apply the brakes until the pedal firms up.Yes i sold my verna in 1.

No matter how good it

No matter how good it

New change, it's an old video if you destroy catsmotorcycles for about 3mins you will gane 100,000 in around 30 seconds you have to invest in Morse mutual insurance instead.It will be a pleasure listen to you on some really good equipment.Aakash plz explain ki death ke case m kya policy ki premium lic bharti rhege maturity tak on behalf of policy holder ormaturity amount KB milta ha death m.Heck you can’t buy a salvage one for that because people want the batteries and motor for retro fits.My husband has a 800 score and he has never paid $100,000 in interest.Autotraders vids are well produced.334 brokers disliked the video.Why should someone who has done their time for a low level crime non violent be subjected to such scrutiny?

Very good video and information.Wow you're great.Coronavirus was merely the hoax the gullible public bought.Just now this same shopping online.I want to know where the last person wanted to go.You are doing a great job for the society.Iv'e never regretted buying a car I could easily afford even though I could have bought a much nicer and more expensive car.What about the independent AAA study showing how Top Tier gasoline prevents carbon deposits?If not how can I get RTI policy.

AWESOME BOOMBOX IN THE BACKGROUND.Today you can produce 1000 with 10 people.Can you make a video on survival jobs?I mean what else covers as broad of a range of consumer interests with as minimal amount of compromise across the spectrum whilst hitting as high marks in relative terms in any category.I've noted that at the beginning all the videos and opinions that I have read about him were malicious, misleading or just plain lies.As soon as he talked about the Prius I stopped watching.Thanks to Indian money Tamil Explanation about RD FD One doubts nowadays due toWeek Economy of your country.The greatest diy built I've ever seen in my life.

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Thank you for sharing very useful tips. It's just great!


I only watched this video to see Doug attempt the rear seat.

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1:14 (sigh) "There goes my water bottle..." - Yay! More of Linus Drop Tips!

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How are you supposed to buy a reliable car when you need one and don’t have the cash

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HiGreat thank you for teaching.

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Bro remember me you made a civic vs elantra part said part 2 will come soon waiting bro

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What should i get if i am trying to buy a used $10k car/ want full coverage for medical/body injury/health insurance plus covers other peoples car but one that doesn't cover my car?

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Plz don't buy Bajaj Allianz helth police vast of money

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Great product. I want one. ..halternecks aren't just swimwear. Theres camisole/vest tops with support bras built in, dresses ...the issue they raised is so true


Dude as an IT myself watching that cat that close the board hurt

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Hii Bhaiomni car dikhaco

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what should i do when i go to insert the pivot table and "add this data to the Data Model" is not "select-able"?

MV Retro


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Document fees are not official fees i just went back and read over my contract.It clearly states on there however its up to the buyer to say they are not paying the Doc fee long story short I paid $149.00 bux

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Who is there even can't buy bike

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These indefinite imprisonments are unconstitutional.Bail needs to be abolished or significantly reduced.

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Sari renold timber le lu kya aur maillege sahi me kya deti hai

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very nice vedios

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Haan bilkul sir

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Now i knowwhy i Failed tinting my car LOL. Can i pay you to do my car?

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Excellent no words

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Legendary charlatan.