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Ali Ahmed

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Albert Perez

thank you!

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As we have watched feminism evolving into abortion ism, when there is a right to kill a child, we plunged into the beginning of the end of the western civilization. In US alone in the last 40 years we aborted close to 50 million people, that’s more then USA lost in all the wars combined. Stop being idiots , Embracelife. Or get ready for the inevitability of ISLAM !

Vishal Goyal

Very informative...looking forward for more collaborative videos


anyone know what the song is that starts at 11:38?

Kamalendu Sardar

Mera 852


What are your views on

Bennie Vargas

What are your views on TFSA? :)

Maykol Delgado

5:48 I dont understand you That sad :'u

Beren Rubetaake

Thanks for posting this on youtube. I wish i have a copy of the handout. Many thanks Marty Lobdell!! Great lecture!


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Stephen Peacock

0.53 idiot should hand back his licence, assuming he has one. What if that was a person walking across. You are supposed to look behind you when reversing, what a thick moron. 1.00 how is that possible, sure mondeo is at fault but there’s 1000 spaces and only 10 filled so why is the red car moron driver parking so close anyway


What year is this C7 can’t find it on the description?

Illson Chan

Should only consider the R8 or the GTR, maybe also some old 911

zombiegod 2356

Hey big fan I wish I could see it but your stream s don't show but I was going to ask how do you do that like where the vewiers can vote

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what is the minimum credit score in order to get a business credit card?

Beliar v. R.

What type of flour do you use? It looks like a little bit grainy.Maybe this would be helpful


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Should science students opt for masters in business analytics or this field is beneficial for economics students only??

Md. Azad


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50 says he placed that camera (at 05:02 and thereabouts) so his arms looked 10/10

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javab da na

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Sir what can we do in case of insurance of car, how much can we save

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Sala bar bar ek hii baat ki repeat kr rha hain