PRK Surgery Post-op Instructions

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He did very good work.

He did very good work.

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I’ve learned this the hard way.

I’ve learned this the hard way.

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Will it work out if i pay that

Will it work out if i pay that

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Would you love to test a new air fryer for us? We can send a free product to you

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Let me know if you want to donate that to me been Workin all my life with injuries but just can't afford to purchase a car only to pay for it to fix etc ive been borrowing a car and paying the insurance for the owner plus car rent sucks Id love to have any of these cars but I've never been given a thing and was abandoned by my parents life sucks and all I see is way more fortunate people gifting each other mansions etc never helping a common poor man to feel a little less absolutely meaningless and un special. I grew up working on cars with my grandpa he recently passed away and they made him sell his hotrods and not leave any to me one of his only car buddies no one will read this who cares

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Assalikum Can we send a car/truckfrom USA . Salvage cars or trucks . please update me about it.Thanks


9:22 jesus christ they won't joking, it really is loud. i shit myself

Sethika GamerKH good

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Sir road tax Or Tax Invoice same hai ya alag alag hai ? ,,Mere Tax invoice life time hai ,,,or sir bike chalate samay documents original hone chahiya ya Zerox copy bhi chalti hai ?