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So peaceful thank you 3.Super sir a big salute.Allah Zardari Farwal Talpur Nawaz aur in sab ke khandano ko qanoon ke nichey laye Ameen.

So she didn't get the loan with that income.Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhh sir.Had a shitty laptop then got a new one and destroyed the old one this would have been so helpfulI'm a dumbass.This wasn't a vote for Biden, it was a vote against Sanders."That line hit me hard.) notice that the cable is dangerously resistant and turn down the charging speed.

F both sides you love and treat each other as you want to be loved and treated.I was so lost on how to use this thing.Would u like a drink some time.You have stacks of money saved up if only you still had the strength to spend it!Ashish ji- first of all.20:24 - "unlike the internal combustion engine, your fuel tank does not get smaller"True, but you do loose in fuel efficiency and horsepower so it kinda evens out.Thats the only use it will get.Congratulations guys.

810 for acceleration.Oh, and maintain the driving standards.Formula 1 drivers are professionals lol.Please explain the clutch well.Another bit of plastic to be washed up on the beach.Geez lady we don't need the life story just stick to the numbers that he's asking you.Desperation is a powerful motivator.Income tax benefit on this yojna?Is it legal to drive vehicle before permanent registration?Rockn rolly, doug.

They (the poor)

They (the poor)

Just met another guy who had an interest rate as high as that at work.Jak ta gra si nazywa.I love him anyway.Set playback speed to3384847272x.I support keeping it simple.N he has to pay the full amount first and then wait for 2 months to get his money back.

Learn and improve.

Learn and improve.

Brk b has support at 125.Hey man, learn the difference between "wheelbase" and "track width".The partner in the law firm that represented me back then (September 2013) told me to file for permanent disability right away.Way more info than I needed:).Seriously you guys are making videos which provide clarity on topics that create clutter in day to day life.Not many agents are really trained to really help a customer.I think revolve is gonna do great, I’m looking to build my position with them.Lahore ke kaun si jagah par Ja wearhouse hai.Working your way out of a hole.I started doing Self Lender a couple months ago and I've already raised my credit score by 100 points.

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Thank you sir

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Thanks bhai

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Agar dealer handing charges waive off ya discount Nai deta in case of new launch Product to kya karw?

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Sir mere bike ko 1 year first party insurance our 4 year third party insurance hai abhi 1 party insuranceexpire ho gaya hai renew karna padega bolte fee lagegi bolte hai

Agent client 3



i totally understand how to do this topic now..thank you for doing this video

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Previius year No claim bonus Lene k Baad .. next year claim accident claim kar sakte hai kya... Pls replyWill the insurance company pay the amount


So lets take this into a real life scenario. Right now the US interest rates are at all time lows, and staying low, and because bonds do the inverse they are rising. Lets say in 3-5 years when people realize how much debt the US is in they decide to stop buying bonds and they start to decrease in value. Does this mean interest rates would naturally rise and put higher payments on houses with 5/1ARM potentially forcing more people into foreclosure that bought during this low interest period?

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sir ye trick abhi work nhi kr rhi hai

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Very good video. Full informative.

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Very true. Same thing happened with me for ULIP.This did by HDFC agent.

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Just telling you to lie .Just like the dealers themselves .Very hypocritical if not unethical.

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God bless you Ramsey

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I just come here to get yelled at.

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Allow us to change the wH/mi in your calculator. I average 251 in my 2016 Model S and 379.9 would be pretty inaccurate for me.


Congrats on 100k


But fir copy submitted first time weste job


I don’t care who you are. This is absurd and disgusting. A modern day version of a hoarder. One of the many reasons I don’t care for this channel. He’s just off, in a lot of ways.