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I haven't been to that Honda dealership for

I haven't been to that Honda dealership for

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Sebby if you have reserve and Amex plat, is reserve necessary? Should I downgrade to delta plat?

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One thing that shocked me was when I went into the finance office, they had a giant IPad on his desk. We tried to read what we e were paying for, but he kept shrinking down the screen to where he wanted us to sign. It turned out afterward that he overcharged us for the car taxes. When I discovered this, I went back in the next day, and I made them give back the amount above what was fair.One other thing: A common practice is for dealers to want yo to take the car home to fall in love with it before buying it. If they don't want you to do this, walk away. It means the car is a lemon, and they don't want you to discover the additional problems. I learned that lesson well

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How do they make money well....I’ve been driving for 20 years I’ve never had a accident I’ve just had 2 glass claims....average of 1,100$ a year times 20 that’s over $22,000 for about $600 worth of glass...that’s just me never mind all the other millions of customers...and then when you DO need a claim you have to pay almost half your premium for a deduction....NICE SCAM


Retail as job really does lower quotes ngl